im looking for an account to take over or co-play, i have been playing for about 2 years now, i quit due to family problems but been back about a year or so, i took over my friends account blazez armyz when it was 700k. on w26

im a fairly skilled player, can send 150ms trains, can snipe alot of good trains also and quit at stacking and dodging
im very active log on for around 4 hours a day and have alot of free time as i am training atm to join the forces.

want to know more private mail me

oh if you dont like mailing mail and ask for my skype :D


Hey blazez :) whats up?

My account is still here, don't know whats up with it now. Try mailing concrete.


hey spamHan :D

though u deleted it

ill give him a shout, cheers :)