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The best way to describe this feature is by using an example.

I am looking at the Headquarters screen of my village. I have analyzed the village and decide that I really really need to upgrade the barracks. But because my build queue is filled with 5 concurrent build requests, I cannot upgrade my barracks right now. "Dang", I say, "I have to remember next time and I keep forgetting!". So now I have 3 options to remind myself to upgrade my barracks next time: I can pay 25% to queue the barracks upgrade immediately, I can use the notebook feature to remind myself, or I can analyze the village again sometime down the road. None of these solutions are efficient, imo. The pay 25% option is really meant to be a tool used in a pinch (not as a daily runner) and the notebook I find to be pretty clunky.

The solution I have: add a "wish list" feature to the build queue. This would be 1 or 2 lines of additional build queue space (in addition to the 5) that will be used not to add a build request to the queue, but to serve as a reminder of what you want to queue next. The entry could be in a different colored font or slightly greyed out -- something to indicate that it is not in the actual queue.


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Approved for voting. Good luck!

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The notebook / village notebook are good for this and can be as detailed as you want (unlimited aside from character count).

While I get the idea and having it in the HQ would be nice, I've voted no as this suggestion wouldn't be able to be as versatile as the current options.


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I, too, voted no for this suggestion.

In addition to what was already said, in the building queue you can easily cancel your build requests. Further, what is the difference between adding two additional greyed-out lines and the 4th and 5th spots? I think this would be an addition that, at most, an extremely small portion of players would use.