Add Ability To Set Manual Village Groups On Map Using Quick Command

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Note: These is about village groups, not map highlights.

Let's face it, most of us plan what groups to set our villages into on the map itself. It should be possible to set groups right in the map overview.

This suggestion wants to make it easier by being able to add villages to groups using coordinates:
But we really should be able to do it from the map itself as well.


Let's get this functionality using a quick command! Not everyone may have noticed but we have a quick command section on the map that let's you send pre-made attacks/support by simply clicking on a village on the map, similar to loot assistant.

A quick command for setting manual groups could look like this:


Then we can happily assign villages to a group right on the map by clicking.

As a means of feedback, we could get the green popup message say 'Offense Group Assigned to (123|456)' when you assign a group. And a red one when you un-assign 'Offense Group Unassigned from (123|456)'.


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This idea is approved for voting. Good luck!