Implemented Add villages to manual groups by coords


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So I was gonna make a new group yesterday to get my villages more organized. I wanted specific villages to be in the certain group so I picked them out through the map. I realized however that I needed to keep two tabs open. One to check the map for the villages and then use the other tab to select the villages in the list I wanted to add to my new group (manual groups page). This was rather ineffective and I can only imagine how awful it would be to find the right village if I would name all my villages the same and if I had to do it to several hundred villages. My suggestion is to be able to import a list of coordinates that you want to add to a certain group. That way you can go to the map, use coord grabber, get all the villages and copy the coords. Then you go to the manual groups page and click a button that says import coords (e.g. as when you import construction templates) and paste the coordinates while also choosing what group the will be added in.