AFK vs The Coalition of n00bs.


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Yeah I never seen why so many big accounts team up and then they feel the need to finally attack active players that have 100 villages to their Man people this is just a game so grow some and fight each other. Hell friends can even rim each other. It is like nothing but ego's wanting to win but to scared to fight real fights because their ego can not handle loosing. But the way I see it is if you had to lie once or back stab players to get ahead, then you suck at this That is just how it is. I have never seen so many players so scared of real wars. And to be far it is hard to attack afk. When you do they come at you with all kinds of deals and how they can help you with this and that. So I see how a lot get stuck into that mind game and threats their top players throw around. I had one come at me for sending on solomon. They was like stop attacks or afk and grim will declare war on you. Yeah, when the top rack tribe comes at a rim player who has not been in this world long and only started to wait for a good new world is so funny. I find it funny because if I had the same points as them. They would be all in my inbox doing whatever I tell them because they would be to scared to cross me just because of points and being active. So the way I see it is, if you can't fight the biggest and the best then quit the game. It is not for you because anyone and I mean anyone can lie and backstab players to get head. Try fighting with honor and telling your enemy you are coming for them. So that way when you win they can't say you did not give them a chance. But I guess I am one of a kind when it comes to that. But I do not play for points. I play to make active friends who like being the underdog and are not scared to always go after the bigger accounts that think they are elites. I have not been flaming any here though because of my late start and I could be rimmed easy do to my size and late start but what the hell. You can't stick around forever and I am going to say it. WiLL AFK last until the end? TickTock;)
That's why Pooh went after Ride. Why ally with them when you can kill their chance of winning.