All Gone wrong

Discussion in 'World 33' started by richard 2610, Nov 16, 2010.

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  1. qooslunchbox

    qooslunchbox Guest

    You know what is even worse the legion falling is that they even forgot how to write. I remember a time were legion wrote many words. a Time when there was talk of winning. Talk of awesomeness. hell now i dont even here whispers. HELLO IS THERE ANY LEGION OUT THERE :D
  2. HuaMulan

    HuaMulan Guest


    Probably all those players quit.
    Nice playing with most of u all :)
    The amount of time and devotion u guys showed has paid off so grats!
    Now lets have some fun with LOVE :D
  3. qooslunchbox

    qooslunchbox Guest

    wait i heard a moan. CAN YOU SPEAK UP ITS HARD TO HEAR YOU.

    DDRMAAX Guest

    Imo you guys had more time/devotion - Just focused in the wrong place I.e 1k Barbs (Your awesome leaders can be thanked for that)

    Hmm .. LOVE? You have no love for them?
  5. HuaMulan

    HuaMulan Guest

    Come closer.
  6. Blackloter

    Blackloter Guest

    The war isn't over until one tribe holds all villages.

    You've all got thousands to go.

    DDRMAAX Guest

    You mean the 'world' isn't over until 1 tribe controls all of the villages.

    Yep, thousands of Legion/Ex-Legion left, but there will be alot that barb before we get to them.


    Just in case you are looking at the wrong war :)
  8. Drunk in the morning

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    Oct 29, 2009
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    Thats because..
    1. IFeelYou left.
    2. I left.

    No one else really talked LEGION up so much except Mav and Domi when you were on LEGIONs side :p
  9. LordHawkIX

    LordHawkIX Guest

    While you and IFY led the charge, and could be considered Legion's main public forum voice, there were most certainly many others over the course of the war, who came on to talk nonsense about Hawks and congratulate themselves:icon_rolleyes:...Ah if only I had a dollar for every time someone said Hawks would fail.(sigh)
  10. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    Hawks would fail.

    On w23. hehehe

    DDRMAAX Guest

    1 HAWKS 382.205.972 385.746.103 51 7.563.649 46687 8.262
    2 TW 162.435.610 166.036.490 78 2.128.673 20296 8.181
    3 LEGION 152.741.194 152.741.194 35 4.364.034 18228 8.379
    4 LOVE 103.235.033 103.235.033 16 6.452.190 13393 7.708

    Uh Oh !
  12. LordHawkIX

    LordHawkIX Guest

    Har D Har Rich!:lol:

    DDRMAAX Guest

    This is just hard to watch now. Instead of LOVE starting out fresh and aggressive, they are doing the same thing Legion did during the entire war ... Eat barbs and noble inactives. How can it possibly be any different now, then it did while you were all in Legion?

    Instead of learning from your mistakes, pushing on as a team and putting up a decent fight you are all just extending an easy win for us ... What is the point? Are you all trying to see how big you can get before we take you down?

    :axemen::axemen: QUIT B4 WE HIT :axemen::axemen:
  14. thegame45

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    Jul 5, 2009
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    Share LOVE , lol. Legion falls apart and makes a splinter tribe to stupidly think it may save them. This is a war game and you guys in Legion and now LOVE made your bed and you WILL live by it. You can change tribes and name a million times but you will always be enemies. So get ready to share the LOVE of our nukes LMAO.

    PS. PZA7 i told you lot he was the worst duke i had ever dealt with and you guys jumped to his defence, rats leaving a sinking ship me thinks.
  15. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    Funny that people who bashed us have now left legion.

    Hmm. Too little too late??

    I raised questions about nobling noobs like bilouwanadoo. Never done anything for that tribe now leaves to pastures new LOL

    shot yourself in the foot there Pza ;)
  16. 2Hot

    2Hot Guest

    you know what HAWKS should do? Kick those detox members now that they dont need em anymore roflmfao!!!

    We all know the reason you set that entire thing up about legion was to spy on HAWKS forums and spread panic :p
  17. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    Its true they dont need me . They havent needed me for a good month now ;)
  18. myterms1

    myterms1 Guest

    But we still wuvs you, Richiekins. ;)
  19. This place has become a HAWKS stomping ground it seems...sad...

    forums are only fun when theres conflict...

    no one likes to hear

    " wow our tribe is so elite"
    "yeah your so right"
    "man we're stomping the other tirbe"
    "yeah that LEGION sucks"
    "your so right man"
    "yeah dude let have some butsecks since we're so elite"

    actually I take that back...I do like to hear it....not the butsecks part though :icon_redface:. Although this forum is gonna get stale really fast if theres no conflict...:icon_evil:
  20. 1921

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    Jan 7, 2010
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    What happend with Legion?