Aloha to all that are here in w14. I just wanted to introduce myself as your new faithful moderator.

I won't bore you with details or what not, but I will leave you with this. I am more than happy to chat with any of you through regular messaging through forum. I will not carry out conversations on the actual forum threads however. If any of you have issues with how I moderate, or on specific infractions or warnings that I hope I don't have to hand out in the future, you are more than welcome and I actually encourage you all to open a discussion with me about them. If you don't feel comfortable with me, you're more than welcome to go straight to my elder mod instead. Don't worry ... it won't bother me in the least and I'll likely never hear about it regardless.

Basic guidelines:

Don't swear

Be civil

Don't spam

abide by those three and we'll likely never cross paths.

Anywho ... I will say that I was a forum moderator for a year in the past. I know what I am doing and have the time to do it again so it would be in your best interest not push the boundaries of some "newb" mod ... as I am no newb.



If any of you have issues with how I moderate,

I dont think that´s gonna be a problem, seeing that your post was the longest (and only) post for a long time *LOL*

Sorry mate. if you come to moderate, you will be very dissapointed.

Sleep tight

Nic :)


especially as the last post prior to yours was the 8th May.......