An exerpt from RAM's Internal "Affairs"

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Kani, if you are still playing the account, I will help you get a new million in k95. I will claim them and clear them if needed. I believe this was a big misunderstanding. Many people were of the mind that you had quit and since phoenx was munching you, it seemed prudent that ram should have some so we could get close and cuddly with phoenx bunnies.

Nothing of this situation was done to disrespect you. It was simply thought that you had quit. Mail me in game and ill see that you gain back at least the amount of villages lost. Fair is fair. Please next time make sure that everyone knows you will be back no matter what it looks like. Its an unfortunate situation but it can be righted if you are interested


this is a perfect example of friendship and loyalty. MW congratz for being level headed you and a few others are the only ones i see not flamming and slinging mud.


Kani, if you left and didn't tell your tribe your intentions and/or why, then that's your bad. Having said that, I would never abandon an account and kick it from the tribe until it when barb (at which point I'd have no choice) - regardless of the situation it was in. That's why we have professional sitters.

In fact, I didn't start nobling you until I saw RAM handing out your villages as if they care more about your villages than you as a player (do I sound like a broken record?). Once I noticed this, then I started nobling you...Phoenix could have eliminated you a long time ago mate (due to your position). Taoron and I are not easy to handle. But we didn't...not until your villages were being handed out like Jesus pamphlets.

I warned you about this kind of stuff Kani ... you're young mate, but you seem smart enough to take some of these things into the next world and grow from them.
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Congratulations to RAM for saving Kani some time. Kani's rimming was more of a "When" will it happen, not "If". So what happened in my eyes is the best thing that could of happened to you, because now you can hide behind the fact that Phoenix never technically rimmed you, RAM did :)