An Outside Opinion on W99


DISCLAIMER: I played a bit of this world but have never been really invested in this world, so some of the information might be incomplete / wrong and this is my opinion on the subject.

As world 99 was the last world to start before the insanely hyped world 100 the expectations for this world by the community were low, however they exceeded my expectations in some regards. I was expecting dead externals, which they are, but the main thing is was expecting was this to be a boring world. With W100 coming up so soon most players weren't interested in starting on W99 so after hearing W94 winner Vodka was starting a premade for this world i expected this to be a world they'd steamroll, oh boy i was wrong.

There might not be as many amazing players as on other worlds, the world is more interesting than i would have expected without a clear expected winner. The rank 1 tribe ADHD, previously knows as Vodka, is top of the rankings with 30% more points than the rank 2 tribe, they still have plenty of ways they can lose this world. It seems most great players from W94 Vodka never ended up playing this world which has made them a lot weaker than expected. Also they don't have access to a rim, their rim is secured by an ally atm. I hope they put lots of thought in how to handle that alliance because of that breaks they could be in a whole lot of trouble.

There are quite some tribes around and diplomacy between them could be very interesting, however i did not do my homework properly. I do know that Odin and ADHD are at war which has one interesting thing.

First they decide to op these ODIN players with their ally.

Then these two opped players joined ADHD

I'm not quite sure why you'd choose to recruit players whose front you've clearly broken and are probably not the greatest players.
It could be that ADHD leadership just doesn't have much faith in their own members and are desperate for new members or misplayed diplomacy which causes them to believe they could get gangbanged any day and need all the help they can get.
If a proper good tribe had this much success on their enemies they would eat them up, at least i would be mad at my duke when i'm nobling an enemy and he gets recruited...

It does look like ADHD needs some help as they are losing quite some villages to a way smaller tribe than them.

ADHD seems to have issues handling a small group of some skilled players, could be caused by either weak members or just inactive members, will have to see how this evolves.
ANA is a group of skilled players so this might really turn into some trouble for ADHD.

Besides these two tribes Retro seems to have some decent members as well but due to their alliance with ADHD they will probably end up merging unless ADHD starts recruiting more of their enemies of course. If that continues Retro and ADHD might get in some conflicts later on.

The rest of the tribes have not more than a few players i know, so it's hard for me to judge them right now.
Hopefully they can spice up the world in some way.

One person who will certainly spice up the world is Barry B Benson, he has the habit of spying and stabbing his tribe so can't wait for the fireworks he's about to bring to this world.

If someone wants me to do some proper analysis of something feel free to pm me ideas and some info because i know too little to do an anylisis at this point lol.



So adding on to my original post about ADHD recruiting members from ODIN they already had successful ops on and how that was a mistake imo, this just happened.

4,5 days after vindictive sitter joined ADHD he lost 21 villages in an op to ANA.
Basically all these villages were inside ANA territory so it would have been hard to defend but ADHD leadership was aware before they recruited this player and had 4,5 days to figure out some defense which should have been plenty to prevent this many easy caps for ANA.
Not even a single recap was done, and barely anything was sniped as Vindictive Sitter only has 4 villages left in the ANA cluster which could have been stacks not broken or loyalty failures as well.

ANA deserves credit for putting together such a successful op in this small period of time which just shows how much potential ANA has and unless ADHD finally figures out how to defend their members we will see more of these successful ops happen.

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Let's talk about the rank 1 player of W99 for a moment, who got there by excessive pp usage but that's standard so fair play there.
He started in Retro but decided to join Vodka at the time, let's look at the reasons why he did so.

Montressor sits in the backline of ADHD, mingled in more with Retro the ally of ADHD than his own tribe.
This rank 1 player has made no effort to move to a main front himself and prefers to pick of the easier targets from tribes such as Est. and Vindictive Sitter from ODIN who has proven to be a terrible defender.
Montressor prefers to sit in the backline, farm up for more nobles and take easy caps than to move to the frontline and help his tribe out in a significant way.
Sure, he is rank 8 ODS but arguably the best account/player of ADHD should make a larger effort to help his tribe out than he currently is?
Especially as his tribe is struggling quite a lot on the front.

So getting back the question, why did Montressor decide to join ADHD over Retro?
These 2 tribes are allied so he wasn't at risk of getting hit by ADHD nor can he hit Retro.
He hasn't used ADHD to get on frontlines he would not have been able to get on with Retro at all.

There's one thing that changed since he joined ADHD, internals, he's been getting a lot of internals.

The last week all this top account has been doing is internalling, not even internals to get closer to the frontline, not that would be acceptable.
No these internals are 100% backline, just like the rest of his account which is questionable.
Surely there are front accounts which could use a bit of backline to support their front while backline accounts like Montressor could move to the frontline but it seems ADHD leadership disagrees with me on this point.

As you can see here Montressor received 4 internal villages right before he joined ADHD, you can nearly say he was bribed with internals to switch tribes...
Internals seems the only thing that is different from being in Retro so is the rank 1 player really this selfish he switches tribes just to sit back and gobble up internals?



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Keep up with the analyses, fun too read.
And yeah i totally agree, internalling is fine, it will eventually stop but still.
I'd love too see what'll happen with the account and if ANA can continue to "stomp" ADHD


With moves like that... it reminds me of the *Tagteamed acc lol


Keep up with the analyses, fun too read.
And yeah i totally agree, internalling is fine, it will eventually stop but still.
I'd love too see what'll happen with the account and if ANA can continue to "stomp" ADHD
Oh boy I sure hope they can!

Barry B Benson

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Now Travis may be somewhat of a shit but I do like to see myself as a more diplomatic person. So I'd say we equal out pretty fine.
But don't worry! We'll do our best to spice up this world! Might as well call us India :rolleyes:


Please can we keep in mind that this is exactly what the title states - an outsiders opinion of w99.

I've read the well wrote intro post and agree in some parts. However the odin members that were recruited were done so specifically. As for the internals when internals come up they're distributed among the tribe to players who made greater commitments during ops etc. Situations change daily with the politics as w99 is quite volatile right now. Only time will tell.

Our tribe is content. Morale is high and the vodka flows every hour. Everyone is communicating perfectly via discord and we've just started a new war with odin. Next few months will be the ones to watch.