And so it started...~FFF~ declared WAR on NINJA! is hunting down ~FFF~ deserters


Enemy Full Facial Fury
Title Ninja! of the mist or imaginary?
Start on 12.02. at 17:54:58
End ---
Duration 24 days 6:54:48
Forum thread
Explanation NINJA! of the mist or is it the imaginary?

First you noble a village from my player then when he starts attacking back you cry breach of an imaginary Nap.

Then you recruit refugees from my wars. Plus they are in our tribal cluster.

ProGamer2010 claims Manalo to be a God.

ProGamer2010 Skype

[2/5/2016 12:12:28 PM] Kelly West/Dreams: want to be agressive to me you may find you did it to the wrong player and tribe
[2/5/2016 12:12:36 PM] Kelly West/Dreams: I love wars and don't back down
[2/5/2016 12:12:37 PM] ProGamer2010: I will UNLEASHED THE FIRES OF HELLL ON YOU!
[2/5/2016 12:12:55 PM] ProGamer2010: YOU WISHED YOU NEVER HAVE PLAYED THIS GAME!
[2/5/2016 12:13:12 PM] ProGamer2010: you will have no sleep!
[2/5/2016 12:28:44 PM] ProGamer2010: (Y)
[2/5/2016 12:29:03 PM] ProGamer2010: You're members are food and I will rimmed you guys even it's just me ^^
[2/5/2016 12:29:14 PM] Kelly West/Dreams: good luck with that

ProGamer2010 likes to mail my members to make threats but doesn't have what it takes to declare war so we will be happy to show him how that is done even long range :)

Let the War Games Begin!!


NINJA! declared war on the WAR deserters!

Enemy Pro-Gamer
Title Down with the Sickness!
Start today at 00:51:58
End ---
Duration 0:00:59
Forum thread
Explanation Traitors, Spies and War deserters will be hunt down and annihilated!

Tell me not in mournful numbers,
Surviving is just but and empty Dream,
For the NINJA! is Dead that slumbers
And things are not what they seem...
And things are in NINJA!


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Allrighty then, have fun both. +1 for disturbed :lol::icon_rolleyes:


Old News there Progamer. Are you attention seeking again?

For Kicks and giggles lol Here are the stats

Side 1:
Tribes: ~FFF~
Side 2:
Tribes: NINJA!

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers:

Side 1: 466
Side 2: 161
Difference: 305


Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 60
Side 2: 24
Difference: 36


Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 2,899,392
Side 2: 696,691
Difference: 2,202,701


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 410,255
Side 2: 141,184
Difference: 269,071

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It's ok, dont feel bad. They are recruiting LickMe too =)


First I never recruited Ninja! Second I took a page out of your book Storm and invited before hitting LickMe :)
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I dont blame you for declaring war on us, we know CGI/DA is hated on this world, I just would have expected a better war declaration from you is all. Recruiting refugees is always an act of war and a move of total disrespect. Its why i recruited TDA before declaring on jager *winks*
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hmm I guess if that is what you are calling your war declaration. Wonder what shorty has to say


Last I checked CGI family and ~FFF~ have never had relations. So not sure how you would consider it disrespect. Not much of a front with CGI either. I do know we told players you aren't to be a target so if you want to call that a declaration you can find reasons to war anyone.


I do know we told players you aren't to be a target so if you want to call that a declaration you can find reasons to war anyone.

:icon_eek: As far as I know, almost everyone stated that we are huggers. Why would we war anyone/everyone if we can love them.
We just want love love love, and mostly the pierced tits of siren. Also, you'll never know the true meaning of hug until the day CGI~DA hugs you :icon_redface:

Anyways, this thread is for FFF vs the mighty ProGamer, Goodluck to both tribes :)
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The stats, lol... just pure lol... My Diplomat recruited refugees which I didn't know about so yeah, Kudos on the stats but part of the plan ^^

Just that and see you in the battlefields ^^


Am I wrong, or was this Ninja! against 2 players from ~FFF~ in K25?
One of them Peter Rogers who has been recently defeated and the remaining is Jah Unit.
Even tho it was a whole tribe against 2 players I thought ~FFF~ would prevail! Ninja! are better than what I expected! It will be a matter of time until they noble Jah Unit as well I think.



Sinyorcan Feb 02, 22:46
[player]peter rogers[/player] attacked [player]ProGamer2010[/player] and you have terminated the nap we have had for a long time. That is the end of our relationship.

Have a nice game!

Shorty928x Feb 02, 22:47
What nap?

Sinyorcan Feb 02, 22:50
We have had a nap with you mate . Don't you know ?

Shorty928x Feb 02, 22:50
Who did you set this nap up with?

Sinyorcan Feb 02, 22:52
with HeYoo

Shorty928x Feb 02, 22:53
Well as you can see heyoo isn't around anymore and he never said anything to anyone about a nap with you guys

Sinyorcan Feb 02, 22:56
i know he was deleted but we had had agreement about this nap and you should have known this or he should have said. This can't be the reason for your pardon.

This shows how you are irresponsible with your relationships. I think we can have nothing to talk anymore.

Shorty928x Feb 02, 22:58
You have never once contacted my account about this relationship even after he deleted to see if it was still being honored or not. Every other tribe we have a relationship with we have regular contact with so it's not our fault you didn't reach out about a relationship we didn't know we had

Sinyorcan Feb 02, 23:02
You should have informed us about this important changes in your tribe. We can't follow your every step.Anyway, what is needed will be done to [player] peter rogers[/player].

Shorty928x Feb 02, 23:03
I don't have to inform a tribe we had no known relationship with. just cause you had some sort of heyoo doesn't mean anyone else knew about it

Sinyorcan Feb 02, 23:05
He had a diplomacy role some time ago. If you want, i can send you these talkings.

Shorty928x Feb 02, 23:12
HeYoo lied to you then since I have been in leadership since day one here and he never discussed it with us.

We have never had you listed as a nap and wouldn't have. You make better food. Selene rimmed you once so whatever nap you had it was in your head and very one sided.

Dutchess of [ally]~FFF~[/ally]

Shorty928x Feb 03, 12:10
Just for your information you nit. Look at the history if we had a nap your tribe would have broken it first when your member hit [player]Peter Rogers[/player].

So before you ever come crying to me or any other tribe about broken naps that never existed you should make sure your members know of them as well :)

Dutchess of [ally]~FFF~[/ally]


Not sure why I am even bothering to reply to this to be honest. They broke their own imaginary nap. ~FFF~ never had a nap with NINJA! and if HeYoo lied about that then that is between them and HeYoo but they actually broke this so called nap and my guy responded to the attack then they mass recruited my refugees that we had already cleared. So I am not sure what ProGamer is on about other than trying to seek attention to himself yet again.


So now I have a single player against them in k25 where they are far from the rest of the tribe. He has been offered to come down where the rest of the tribe is as was Peter both have declined the offer. Peter left when he was told he needed to communicate with the tribe more so we could help him and he still didn't. I wished him well and hope to see him in future worlds.

I have more faith in Jah due to the fact that he communicates with us his tribe mates about what he needs and what he is up to before doing it. He is against not just Ninja! but PHNX as well by himself up there in the netherlands where I am told it is cold and covered in snow and very harsh weather.


For everyone's Info...

Not sure why I am even bothering to reply to this to be honest. They broke their own imaginary nap. ~FFF~ never had a nap with NINJA! and if HeYoo lied about that then that is between them and HeYoo but they actually broke this so called nap and my guy responded to the attack then they mass recruited my refugees that we had already cleared. So I am not sure what ProGamer is on about other than trying to seek attention to himself yet again.

peter rogers Feb 28, 20:43
hows it going ?

fair play to you , credit where credit is due .. you have me defending ..

I have been thinking we should stop stunting our growth ,, al we achieve in this is the bigger players get bigger around us .. its weeks we have been getting no-where..wasting troops ..

any thoughts would be welcome


ProGamer2010 Feb 28, 22:41
well, the only thing I see, is your growth being stunt. the last time I checked, you had 32 villages and I had 21 then you took 4 from m, So I had 17 but now I have grown.

The only thing that you're still fighting right now is I don't have the man power or playing with my friends to do it. As it would only take 2 days to rimmed you according to my estimation. But alas, I have quite more noob players than I thought + your friendship and spies getting in the way.

And btw, this started because of you. The right thing to do was to approached our Leaders or me as the Duke of [ally]NINJA![/ally] if someone Nobled 1 of your village before retaliating and taking MY village cluster around your area.

+ why would it takes you weeks to contact me? and, did you remember our first convo? I was being nice to you and your reply was ego boosting and took me for a crap! even our Tribe! well, literally speaking it is with the amount of crappy members I have to put up with. There was a Time I was tempted to let you take their villages...

But anyways, I have to put this up to my Trusted Council as they have lost a lot from this too and all because you and your [ally]~FFF~[/ally] are so up and mighty, looking down on US/me + HeYoO hoax up our NAP! WTF!? I've been on contact with Kelly your Dutchess but she's not good at PR(Public Relation) it seems and at Diplomacy.

This is what I can tell you though about me mate, I am an Honorable person and I take on my word seriously but the probs, most people don't see it when I'm fooling/joking around and when I'm serious. And I live by the Golden/Universal Rule "Do unto others as you want others do unto you" and the Code "The shall shall live in order to protect the weak" but with this days, it's getting much harder than it seems possible as most of those weak will betray you and sell you out just to save their own skin.

Now, for this matter, I will get back on you when we have reached a decision...

Good Day to you and Cheers mate ^^

peter rogers Feb 29, 17:32
you do like an essay dude..

and the sound of your own voice..

you wont stand a chance against colour or the rest of FFF when they get up here..

you are fighting 1 small player .. lolz

ProGamer2010 Feb 29, 18:32
Author said:
you do like an essay dude..

yeah, I do like essay ^^

Author said:
and the sound of your own voice..

that's not true ^^, what makes you think so!? o_O

Author said:
you wont stand a chance against colour or the rest of FFF when they get up here..

it isn't over until it's over ^^ you clearly do not know me. ^^

Author said:
you are fighting 1 small player .. lolz

Last time I check, you have bigger points than me and only the small players are attacking you ^^ I basically had to fight you long distance back then... all the fights up until now are just an icing to the whole cake ^^

peter rogers Feb 29, 22:29
bigger points than you .. great ..

Tribal wars ..

you are suppose to lead ..

ProGamer2010 Feb 29, 22:47
I lead but not by points ^^ but member/player character traits ^^

ProGamer2010 Mar 07, 03:02
While struggle so much?

You are just prolonging the inevitable...

Just accept your fate and exit this world peacefully.

You know, you did this to yourself ^_^

JAD SALMAN Mar 01, 15:37
First of all i cleared the village and started nobled it then he took it from me sovivrecapped it since my nobles were on the way..i didnt steal it from him he did..i have reports to prove it

ProGamer2010 Mar 01, 22:16
Thank you for this clarification, Now I know how dirty [ally]~FFF~[/ally] plays...

peter rogers Mar 07, 18:00
lol.. dude..

I got pissed off with you nobelling barbs in my church area..

nothing to do with Jad at all..

that's why I attacked ..

I am still ranking up OD .. its all about the rank !!..

once I eventually go you can all go back to taking those barbs .. and not fighting at all.. I will keep an eye to see where you all end up ..


Wow you are a drama queen huh? And I thought some of the large players on this world were the Drama Queens but you take the cake.

I think I agree with the rest of the world. You should go back in your cubby hole and be silent. Focus on your war rather than trying to get attention here. I personally would rather read about the other wars going on like the Colour vs. BT war.


Not a Drama Queen, a TW WAR GOD! ^^



well, as the saying goes, no guts no gory! ahmm... I mean, no guts no glory! XD!


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