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We are happy to announce the winners of the Tribal Wars NET 2022 Annual Awards!
But first, a big Thank You! to everyone who took their time to submit their nominations!
Before we present the winners, let me remind everyone: quality is much more important than quantity in this contest!

This year we scrapped the Community Award from last year to instead split it in two: one for Forum and one for Discord, due to the big differences between the two!

The categories and winners are as follows:

"Tribe Mate of the Year"


The winner is:
In a category with several strong nominations, @Guest121811 won by a nose!
With a strong challenge, Timothy Mus was in it to the end!

"Skilled Soldier"


The winner is:
Hidden @ @Im Not Monster
As close as unanimous as a category can be, with multiple great nominations for Hidden!

"Master Commander"


The winner is:
@Mintyfresh wins the Master Commander. Again. It is clearly hard for anyone to outmaneuver him for this award!
Honorary mention to Flexo007 and Tommy-Daddy Ashen who mounted strong challenges.

"Discord Personality of the Year"


The winner is:

While there were some nominations here (JoyBoy getting the mention), there was no stopping @kraidy from picking up his second Discord Personality Award!

"Forum Personality of the Year"


And likewise, @PorkSword claimed the Forum Personality Award again.

Big congratulations to all the winners!
All winners receive 1000 premium points and a Forum Title where applicable
(please pm @Jirki88 with the required accounts)

Nominations can be read in this thread.

Thank you all for your participation!

Your Tribal Wars Team.