Any long term tribes?

Patris Mortem

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Hey mates,

I am looking for a team that will play together often, I have plenty of experience and don't really mind playing with a group of casuals or more serious players. I'll be happy to help and offer advice wherever possible.

Preferably said team will be active on skype. My Skype address is PatrisMortem feel free to contact me there or here.

I considered forming my own tribe, but I cannot afford the time at the moment. Maybe at some point in the future.

And no, I won't join LaL.


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Hi man, we are forming crew for w107, join us if you need good team, i will be laying with ssome m8 and 1 more crew of veterans from w25 will join us.

Come on discord if you wanna talk.

Cheer, angelkod.

Patris Mortem

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Hey mate - How's it going? I appreciate your offer although I was referring to speed world's mate rather than normal world's.

Do you guys play speed?


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Hey Patris, I just picked this game up again after years of absence - I'm loving the speed rounds. If you're looking for an occasional partner, I'd be happy with that, as I've just been getting trashed by the top players because of their tribe farming and etc... Let me know!