Any Old Players?

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Still Going Strong
I am an old player. I was LakeWind on W40, W50 and a few other startups. Subwind on W25 and some early world. Dragged out of retirement by Mike to play this world and kind of getting the bug again.


the nemesis123

I started in World 1. Just don't really advertise it so to speak.

the nemesis123

I went from WAR to LOPW to ICL to TCK to TW I believe was the progression :S...long time ago though


What tribe were you in?
TW? Paladins? RoBaC? Hot? Death?
I was in RoBaC's academy and in Paladin Paladins (PP, <3 Bobett)
Holy shit you were there too! I was in TW but planted my vill then left it alone for two weeks - soon rimmed by ROBAC. ha

ROBAC looked unstoppable, but having a tribe (TW) with like 200 members - required a rule change.