Any player in need of a British Co-player ?


I am looking for an account that needs a Co-player that lives in the UK, as I have seen this World is close to ending as there is much activity on small players and tribes being eaten. I like to play on an account with players that have fun and enjoy the game with good heart and that does have a lot of nukes which attacking is now my favourite position as a player. I am able to do and have the following;

  • Mass-faking
  • Mass-tagging
  • Time attacks very well
  • Quickly re-cap villages
  • General knowledge on scripts
  • 3 Years of experience
  • Co-ordinate attacks very well

I enjoy Tribal Wars whenever there is wars going on since I love attacking assigned targets, I am a very dedicated player that will always look up to what should be here and there. I don't like those players who take this game seriously, it is just silly for them to be playing Tribal Wars if they take it seriously and do not understand this is a game. If you are interested in this please add me up on Skype; gotnoname321