Any SCI/SCIR0S family members still active


Hi there. Greetings, this is alfonso625, a member of SCIR0S and a trusted friend of some SCIOVA, SCIR0N tribe members. I was in a tribe originally in TRUST family(The bear clan) later made to R2-TRU, and in the later part a SCIRSA then SCIROS player. I know that some of those remaining members of SCIROS join to VVV family when battling when TSE. I just want to know if are there any players from SCI family still active in this forum and in game?

My bestfriend is Tregellas, closest friends were Dabethum, pepenk, Grizbr, Last Body, october17 and some more players.

I also knew in the latter years some of VVV players especially on the K5-9/K15-19 players.

Just droppin' by to say hi. If any of world 5 players still in here, please give your feedbacks, let's commemorate the value of camaraderie and friendship that were build in this game since 2005.


hi there... im from SCIR0N.... pepenk was my RL friend and i know the story before SCIRSA...

i remember argyle1978, sir leandru, tennismaster, fritz stein...etc

glad to know some SCI member still play.. lol


gogod from SCI/SCIR0S just to say Im alive but long since I last played TW. Excellent game and some nice times and good people we met and played with or against. Good luck to those still playing and best wishes to everyone friends or foes. Its all part of life so its all good times.


Hello - not played the game for many years.. but just checking back in.. I started SCI with the lish all those years ago.