Anybody who can hook me up with the old knock / axes players

Discussion in 'World 41' started by dos2, May 30, 2013.

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  1. dos2

    dos2 Still Going Strong

    Oct 3, 2009
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    i haz free time.

    msg me here, i'll play again and be a sexy nub


    where you at boys?
  2. stingzorrr

    stingzorrr Guest

    i just rejoined tribalwars. dont know about the rest ;p
  3. Angels Fury

    Angels Fury Still Going Strong

    Jan 28, 2009
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    I see Sergei on skype every now and then.
  4. Jonathan1979

    Jonathan1979 Guest

    Anyone playing world 73?
  5. natedenver

    natedenver Guest

    I am thinking about getting back in. I play ingress a lot but until they add some updates it starting to get a little boring.
  6. natedenver

    natedenver Guest

    LAlso it looks like they disabled my old account because of disuse. I have to get it turned back on first.
  7. natedenver

    natedenver Guest


    I was thinking about it. Do you know what the settings will be?

  8. xxstealthyxx

    xxstealthyxx Contributing Poster

    Jan 12, 2010
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    Good god i have not visit w41 externals in forever....i miss this world. memory's still make me smile. when i came in here had to wipe off the cob is a bit dusty...i see some old post from some of the greatest players who ever played this game...I miss my old team...AXES in my mind and the what skill in strategy..this place takes me back. w41 will always be in my heart. this is where it all began for me...the players,the wars we had. it was all like family to me. almost bring tears in my eyes.:icon_cry:
  9. stingzorrr

    stingzorrr Guest

    someone in hear playing world 82? :) we need to get the crew back together
  10. chorde

    chorde Guest

    Congrats on winning the world Axes, unstoppable diplomacy Booza :)
    Good memories reading these old forums. A special congrats to the former SCC members who made it to the end! You where all fighters, with 14k incoming attacks per day on my own account for 6 weeks, I can't imagine a more epic battle.
    Thanks to those Axes members for the villages Chorde/axes 30-1 :p
    and a final thanks to Booza for taking in those players. I have no doubt they would have contributed.
    Motive wasn't any good at diplomacy or fighting, didn't deserve the win, really never had a chance against either SCC or Axes as I recall :)
    I think we took a whole K from them in a week before I quit lol.
    am looking for something to kill some time. Wonder how different it is now...mmm.
  11. kvizon

    kvizon New Member

    Aug 19, 2018
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    Any Axes or NORSE players out there? Pls PM