Anyone here from World 8?


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World 8 was my first world. I didn't really talk to anyone though and had no clue what I was doing so I doubt we crossed paths there.


Are you on 72 now? lol I didn't either at first. I was in FAN after half a year of figuring it out and then I was recruited into FAN for a year before hiatus... Now I am back and looking for friends and maybe allies on the world I am in now, who have the same mindset as 8... because honestly world 8 was a beast. well, since that was my first world as well... Inbox me or search for me on 72. I am Wrek as well, on 72. My old player name for 8, is in my profile.


World 8 was my first, KNTC here nooby family tribe of KNT, good times back when you didnt have to pay premium to trade resources at 1.1 ratio damn tw has changed..


I know your asking world 8, but I had a good number of friends who played 9 with me, also on 8 (atleast Im pretty sure they played 8 + 9) Did you happen to play 9?


world 8 <3 lost my old account cause i forgot what email i used. Warrior008
Used to be with OMEGA than later on with NUKE.
Such a fun world :)