anyone LOOKING for coplayer?

mega x men

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anyone looking for co player ? PM me if you do or skype me at mega_x_men

i used played in w34 but i quit later

now i am interested to play again

i play in w10 and w11 ( all easy going world with best tribes at the moment )

here is my status for w10
rank-165 mega x men 8AA8 6.286.218 635 9900
Opponents defeated: 17.467.164 (171.)

My tribe data-
rank-2 tribe 8AA8 407.921.925 410.567.814 42 9.775.424 41280 9.946

and here is w11 data
237 mega x men Legend 2.590.858 269 9631
Opponents defeated: 8.807.661 (180.)

my tribe data
7 Legend 62.955.516 62.955.516 32 1.967.360 6394 9.846

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I really need a co-player lool W50 When it comes out PM Skype: James--96

mega x men

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i am still available lol

PM or skype me if you want a co player or have an account free to play into


You have very low OD for an old world player. I'm assuming in W10 you're former DDB?