Anyone Out There?!


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Hello W42, it has been a long long time!

I know this is a long shot, but I am hoping to see if there are still any W42 players out there lurking? I am most interested in seeing if there are any ModWar / DoDo players? Or if anyone knows how to contact them?

I was one half of Nipigon in ModWar.

Hope there are still some people about, and that you are all doing well. Fingers crossed there are still some of you out there!
Hi Huggie :p

Shane here, I just rejoined out of nostalgia and find myself on w98, its changed a bit, but not too different. How are you? you must be old by now, I know I am :)


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Shaneee! I knew it! I knew people would still be playing! Fantastic to know you're still around. I am, far too old and adult for my liking :p
Well I am in the SE of w98, getting practise in for w100, the world is slow to grow and prem points can pay for pretty much anything. Come play Hugg, get dizzle and I will find Jill, get her boozed and trick her into playing again :p


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I really hope W100 manages to grow out past the core and doesn't have all the new PP rubbish. Guess I can keep dreaming :p You should get in touch with Jill and see how many people we can drag back to the addiction! I lost my old skype acc, so this was the best way I had of getting in touch with anyone!


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Wow Shane and Huggie long time no hear .... I've been invited to play 100 and I'm thinking of coming out of retirement to give it a whirl .
Hey mate, Huggie and I are on 98. Game has changed a bit, worlds are probably not as competitive as they once were but its still a bit of fun. w100 settings are a little off but we were thinking of starting 101.