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Wauw, another thread by h0llygh0st in the Premades section... What's he thinking?

Well, W100 is more than likely still a year from now, more even...
So we have some time to kill. I figured, why not redo what I did on W40?

Which was, start with a small group on the rim and wreck havoc on neighbouring tribes. Facing an immense disparity in numbers, both in points and members. But probably surpassing all of them counted together in experience.

This will NOT be a serious tribe. Meaning that I do not aim to win this world or even be competitive. My decisions might not seem rational or might even be detrimental for the tribe.
The goal of this tribe is just to have fun, I do not count myself as a capable duke. Though I'm a good diplomat in a tribe, I'm not that good at planning OP's or the like. So do not expect a very organised tribe.
We will join about a week, maybe even later, into the world. Preferably in the direction of one or 2 good premades. Not to make it difficult for them though, unless they ask for it.
No, so that after a month or maybe 2, 3... Who knows. I can call it quits and the few people we picked up over time who want to continue, can join said decent tribe/premade. The same happened in W40. We had our fun during summer break for 1 and a half months, then I quit and the rest joined Sp.Ag's premade which was near us in the core... Not my fault Spaggy couldn't keep it together >_>


Anyways. If you are interested in just having some fun, or you plan on playing seriously but don't have a premade yet, or you just don't know yet. Let me know on Skype.
Please note though, that I do not expect nor want a large group.



Sounds like my kind of tribe.
I made a YT video looking for a premade because I couldn't be assed typing it all out and answering a million questions.
Get back to me :)