[App] A Confirm For Moving Flags Up A Level

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Balian De Ibelin

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One thing that happens to me quite often is when I am playing on my phone and I try to add a flag to a villa is when I press the flag I want my finger is so fat that Instead of trying to add the flag the flag moves up a level which I really didn't want to do and now I have 1 flag instead of three , therefore can we at least get a extra confirm or cancel for that ?


Active Member
Could also make it so that when you upgrade, an extra line of text shows up for like 30 seconds at the top of the screen somewhere that says "Do you wish to undo your latest upgrades? - Accept" or something like that. Because if I farm flags and get a pop up to confirm every single time I want to upgrade my flags, I would get furious! I think this is a better approach, but I agree that it's even more annoying when you accidentally upgrade your flag.

Seven Devils

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Make it toggable, in settings if i want the warning or nah. Imagine upgrading 900 grey flags, you be like "... this shit"