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Hi! As an active user of the iPhone app, playing mostly on the app to high level of gameplay I have some awareness about the little flaws and Quality of Life (QOL) changes that’s could be applied to the app to improve it.

So two very simple suggestion of mine are:

Being able to see the number of troops on the shared commands. - currently this is a feature that exists on the computer, and it always triggers me when I can’t check it on my app.

Being able to sitter(not sure that’s how you say it on this server) accounts through the app instead of the browser - Currently when using the sitter system on the app it redirects you to the browser, making it much harder to defend a village from an ally on the phone.

Give me feedback on whatever you think about these. :)
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The first suggestion have been approved for voting. The second one, however, won't be voted on, as it's impossible due to technical limitations.


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This was implemented a while back and I forgot to update this thread.