App problems.

The Pieman9 returns

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Is anyone else having serious problems with the tw app? It's not loading pages at all, not opening saved reports on the village info screen and lagging like iv never seen.

I play over the app quite a bit and this is severely detrimental, I'm just tired of the same copy and paste response. Can someone give me an answer on what's going on and when it will be fixed, this is a horrifying tw experience.

The Pieman9 returns

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The app was running fine for me, idk when this happened regardless, it should not take me a counted 15 time clicking on and off the market for it to still not open. Having to trace around the page until I tap an input box for the page to open is ridiculous, this game is all about timing and how can I time somthing when the rally won't freaking open.

Tw support care to update us please and explain why this is happening now?


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I don't currently know what the ETA for the next update is, unfortunately.

The Pieman9 returns

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Sweet an update, let's just hope it's the one we were looking for and not just cool new icons for push alerts lol.

Hey so we got cool new push icons wooot! Help meh jirki.
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I removed the App because I kept getting spammed with the tribe group chat messages. Trying to work nightshift and sleep through the day is so impossible.