april fools


Hahaha funny joke

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I don't think it is considered a joke, it was a long forum post that was a waste of time, I could have been sending out some attacks. Morthy should spend a bit more time on next years attempt at a joke :icon_smile:

Btw: The Christmas tree? An Easter Egg would have been better :lol:


this was my 1st year (april fools) ...i heard about the one where they made it look like every1 gor rimmed...but this yr was a fail...i fell 4 it but it was a total waste of my f****** time...next time they do that again im quiting i spent like 30 min on my 1st post


Tribe coordination

Please don't let us fool you, we love the idea of tribe coordination in Tribal Wars. However, we feel that it's just become too much recently. We want to game to as fair and accessible as possible for all players, so we are going to impose a limit on tribe coordination.

If you are in a tribe, you will no longer be able to attack a village in another continent if another player in your tribe is already attacking them. Please note that this will be enforced by the game engine, so you don't have to worry about breaking any rules!

That didn't give it away?

'Tribal wars, Where you can't attack as a tribe'

Effective immediately, all moderators have been fired due to complaints. We'll be introducing a new system tomorrow that we feel will be completely fair and ensure there are no complaints of bias. Players will be able to make a complaint about another player from their profile. Once this has been done, the complaint will be shown to all players on the world. Each player can then vote to 'permanent ban', 'temporary ban' or 'no action'. Whichever option gets the most votes will be the action automatically taken by the game!

Damn! Why couldn't this be real ;(


Because there is an obvious flaw in the ban thing. Someone would get a ban started on them for absolutely nothing and then a ton of people would go say ban them just to ban them. Wars would no longer be about troops, they would be about who can ban the other tribe first.