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Discussion in 'World 30' started by ravenj, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. missingmatt

    missingmatt Guest

    Yes, I wonder. No, I am neither of either, I have been happily mailing members of BH & HG. I have gotten very few replies back, I believe Rethae is the only BH member that is kind enough to at least SOMEWHAT regularly mail me back. :icon_redface: I will mail you too. Edit: You got mail.
  2. noobaxes

    noobaxes Guest

    I have not mentionned any cheating, just dirty tricks, could be anything. :icon_cool:
  3. missingmatt

    missingmatt Guest

    Dirty Tricks are what Bigbrt does to his toys.:icon_redface::icon_wink:
  4. MR.MR

    MR.MR Contributing Poster

    Feb 19, 2009
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    This thought has crossed my mind more than once, but I just enjoy reading everyone bicker back and forth...
  5. amr1984

    amr1984 Guest

    inflrc: there is no smoke without a fire.
    Samone pointed the finger to a ex RAM now Phoenx who was a duke and probably had pasword from many ex RAM now HG accounts.
    So no wonder the dead accounts suport enemies and not hitting back eh?
    You know what i noticed previous to BH atacking Phoenx?
    That some HG accounts where atacking and putting pressure on Cececole even if they where located on Phoenx side of the border.
    Same time Phoenx wasnt gainin any ODD.
    Aint that weird ?!
    Just because mods dont have/cant prove anything doesnt mean isnt nothing real going on.
    A+B+C+D= dead accounts+proxy logins+blocking some BH players from advancing+suporting Phoenx villags under atack===> what could a sane mind think about?
    That BH leadership is using the HG accounts in its benefit?
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  6. inflrc

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    May 16, 2008
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    If you don't have proofs of what you are saying, then the probability that you are wrong is higher. No proofs doesn't mean that one hasn't done something, it means that you can't accuse someone because you can be wrong.
  7. missingmatt

    missingmatt Guest

    What is this a Philosophy class? These are ridiculous arguments, here ARE the FACTS of the world or at least this TW world.
    -If there is no proof there is no penalty.
    -Just because things are X Y and Z, do not mean they are against the rules.
    -Just because something CAN be occurring, does not mean it is.
    -HG is crumbling with or without "External" nonsense, that I wouldn't even condone if it was occurring. I happily report friend and foe alike when it comes to "cheating".
    - God is real, prove it, God isn't real, prove it.

    you're doing circular arguments. You have nobody to persuade, nobody to impress, nobody to dethrone. Our opinions of each-other are fairly set & determined. Subject to change, perhaps. But, for the most part, I think what you think of Paj and what I or someone else thinks of Paj will not be changing in either direction.. Just because you have a problem with C and D.

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  8. amr1984

    amr1984 Guest

    We all know to gain prof of such stuff:
    1) the person making such moves has to be silly and use a method mods can track back to them...
    2) yo have to be the person cheating and giving up urself lol
    3) you must be one of the dead accounts owners and have in game proves for mods to use.

    So i guess its pretty imposible to prove anything from the mods point of view.
  9. missingmatt

    missingmatt Guest

    Now this is the most appropriate response.
    -If actions are being done against the owners will or discretion, they should immediately be contacted and log on & change information.
    -If someone is illegally changing a player's information, the player will receive an email and will have fourteen days to revert the changes.
    -Leaving players should properly distribute their account to avoid such ordeals.
    -Players when assisting someone in finding a new account should advise them to change the information immediately to avoid "Storing passwords".
    -^ Owner's consent should be held at all times when their account is being altered/distributed.
    -I can personally tell you, I don't cheat in anything I do, not test, not games, nothing. Why? It takes my joy out of winning & success.

    I would also say, there are many situations that I don't need to cheat. I do not think I need to cheat in order to noble HG. That even furthers my resolve & integrity of not cheating.
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  10. smurks

    smurks Guest

    Funny. King spart keep on talkin your trash.. Your garbage, also shall be garbage.. Have fun nibbling our inactives.. Your just another grain of sand in the endless desert. When you leave it won't matter and what you do here doesn't matter. Get a clue and leave my tribe out of your rancid mouth.
  11. missingmatt

    missingmatt Guest

    I am not sure if I am better to merely ignore you, and wait for you to become inactive., or respond to you. . . I personally didn't call your tribe inactives, but if everyone I attack is an inactive? Who am I supposed to attack that you will not make such accusations? Surely you can't be the only active member hovering in the tribe? I am not necessarily talking down to your tribe as a whole, I am talking about my current experience with you guys.
    -You don't know my history, you were not nice enough to even inquire.
    -You don't know how I smell, or the quality of the clothes I wear, how could you possibly determine if I am garbage or not?

    If you disagree, which you have the right to do so. You may elaborate and explain to me why I am in wrong in thinking of HG at a lower position considering the noblements/resistance etc so far.

    I merely said, I don't feel I need to cheat to make battle with HG.

    Did I strike a nerve, perhaps you had a bad day? That was not my intentions.
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  12. starcrossed

    starcrossed Guest

    Actually.. If you found me ingame, I'd reply to you :) But that is just because of old times ;)
  13. rethae

    rethae Non-stop Poster

    Mar 28, 2009
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    But Star we have you well hidden
  14. starcrossed

    starcrossed Guest

    Oh yes. I am very well hidden :p I don't even think anyone but Reth knows where I am at.

    Back on topic. I like reading Raven's posts. It's always entertaining, and never just random trash talking. A lot on here could learn from it.
  15. articbear

    articbear Guest

    I'm just not seeing the point in it now. When I attack 4 people and their all banned. Whats the point waisting my time.
  16. amr1984

    amr1984 Guest

    You still gain ODA...maybe
  17. missingmatt

    missingmatt Guest

    Star!<3 I saw you on Msn the other night and was going to say something TW related. Although, I didn't really think you would still be playing, what a blessing. :icon_redface:
  18. Pajuno

    Pajuno Contributing Poster

    Jul 21, 2007
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    i would love to know exactly what it is you are referring too.

    What we have here is several HG members "MIA" these days, and not thru any fault of mine.

    As for "getting hand caught in the cookie jar"... i have no idea what you mean. i have always played this game fair, and i have never had to resort to cheating. Any and all changes of accounts are done legally, and if you doubt my word... players like pervis and calmir have FOREVER been what i term "password holders" in order to keep things legit.

    As for mods getting in trouble to help me, i dont even know any mods. Never did.... I believe there was the w6 mod i was friends with in skype, but any time you want to read my infractions file.. i will grant you temp access just to see how "friendly" i have always been with the mods. You think i treat them any different than i would treat you? :lol:

    And one more time, bert. Stop the lying. Stop making shit up, stop trying to figure who is where.. Our accounts, and their players mean nothing to you except when it comes to nobling. You have an awful lot of interest in who is who.. is that because you are trying to butter everyone up?? Is that because your the little hugger that is still afraid of phoenx???

    I think so.

    Ps. Noob axes, grow some balls instead of yoru coy words. you know we didnt cheat, and we all know HG never stopped cheating... as viewed by the actions the last few days.

    bert.. thought you said the original norin returned??? Seems like that player that "returned"... actually logged into a bunch of accoutns while he was at it. :icon_redface: bet you ten bucks that was done at your request...
  19. smurks

    smurks Guest

    lol well you lost that bet already paj. anyway its a turn of events thats we didn't see coming and its your tribes fault that it happened. anyway talking about bans is against the rules and i wish not to continue this. just reminding you that paj.
  20. articbear

    articbear Guest

    Thats what Charles Manson said too, and he was right....his pawns did it for him.

    Thats right smurks, we wont need to be doing any of that....:)
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