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Discussion in 'World 30' started by ravenj, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. missingmatt

    missingmatt Guest

    I am glad we are on the same page finally, this is a giant step in the direction of glory. I thank you Mr.Bear. :icon_cool:
  2. articbear

    articbear Guest

    So your new approach is to send me resources from an enemy account, and what do you expect to gain from that.....if thats indeed you sending it.
  3. missingmatt

    missingmatt Guest

    ....That is not me, my new approach was the more recent picture I sent displaying our relationship.
    Edit: I am displeased at such actions are being taken place, they are to be considered traitors. I decree their punishment is to be my new companion.
  4. articbear

    articbear Guest

    Shame, I thought it was you. I really don't come to the pnp much, just recently and I don't plan on making it common place. Don't be offended if I don't open mail from my enemies, I usually don't.
  5. missingmatt

    missingmatt Guest

    No problem - The timing is actually quite odd. As I will respect you not wanting to make this a habit of yours. I will begin mailing you, I feel the Pnp is more of an inconvenience that IGM. I wont be offended, however, I will still be saddened and will not give up on my aspirations.
  6. articbear

    articbear Guest

    Like I said, we all need hobbies and if thats what you like have fun with it.
  7. missingmatt

    missingmatt Guest

    I will concur once more: Concur.
  8. 50 Calibre

    50 Calibre Guest

    Wow...Did not know you could pack that many lies into 4 lines. You know full well you never sat his account nor fought or was asked to fight on his behalf. You call others delusional yet no matter who posts you claim you have helped and or fought on their behalf.

    Well guess what Paj remember a long long time ago when you cried to BH to help you fight RAM. Remember you cried to Wild and me about how they were trashing your account and you needed some help in order to keep from deleting??? Do you remember all of that or will you call those lies?

    Then remember how you broke our trust by declaring that a phoenx/bh war must happen?? Or do you still deny you even said that too?

    Maybe you should not speak down so much to others and show a bit more respect, you may be surprised that you may get some in return.

    The rest of your rant sounds more like you are.......
  9. schietstoel

    schietstoel Non-stop Poster

    Oct 18, 2009
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    I think that picture shows exactly how paj looked like when my nukies took out his :)

    They came from 300h away and you couldn't block?
  10. articbear

    articbear Guest

    I'm still waiting for this proof of mails where I begged for your help....oh right, my bad...there aren't any.
  11. noobaxes

    noobaxes Guest

    OMG, don't know how I could miss this post... This tells the whole story in a way that I could never do by myself (thanks Paj).

    Let it all be known, Cshipley is back in even a better shape and form than ever!!!:lol:
  12. amr1984

    amr1984 Guest

    He knows how to move arround the rules.
    But his new pilots dont know that yet :)
    Guess he had to recruit fresh blood and skilled RAmies to keep his broken toys alive :)