Attention W13.

Not open for further replies.


This is your Elder mod speaking.
Some threads and posts have been locked/deleted because rules have been broken.

In most cases this rule has been broken:
Discussion about Rule-Breaking
To report the breaching of rules by another player In Game please use the support system. Do not open complaint topics in the forum. Any reference to IG (In Game) Bans, Ban discussion (forum or IG) or cheating is forbidden. Please note that this includes advertising cheating (i.e, offering premium points for services ingame).
This isnt because the moderation favours one tribe (or player) over another, this is because in most of the cases the above mentioned rule was broken. The rest of the rules can be found here.

I dont want to see any more threads/posts about the breaking of rules, if you want to talk about that do that through other means but keep it off these forums. If you have any problems with moderation on this world
feel free to contact me.

Not open for further replies.