Au Revoir


As I will have made clear on the blog and in the blog thread, I regret to say that I am retiring from W52, and taking a break from tribalwars for the duration of a month. I am currently in Spain and having a wonderful time – but no time to play TW :p

Here, I give thanks in a brief eulogy to some of the more memorable people I have met, and cite those to whom I am indebted. The names are in no particular order. I truly hope I have not somehow overlooked anyone.

Sovereign King – Perhaps my most important figure on W52, he gave me my first tribe, Sov. I am still humbled by the fact that without receiving said invitation, I would have possibly never gone on to continue with W52 and eventually become its blogger. Thus, I am forever grateful for a man who gave me my first chance and dually presided as a friendly figure in the early days of the world.

Fanged Nightmare – Certainly one of the funniest presences to have graced W52, I had not only the pleasure of reading his amusing forum banter, but the privilege of serving as both tribemate to and member under during the course of our time on TW together. I am sorrowed by the fact that more time could not have been spent before his retirement some months ago, as he was always a person to whom I could go to for advice, discussion, and amusement.

Dave – Conceivably one of the more brilliant leaders of W52, though I am slightly biased, he lead -MM- and myself through several months of fun and enjoyment, for which I give thanks. I am grateful for being able to have known this player during my time on W52.

Grinder – A friend made late in to the world, but notwithstanding a true companion. Several Skype chats and the gratification of playing alongside him in another world have given me the impression that he is a true friend and someone who I can always count on. Leaving W52, I will sorely miss him.

Kkaukis (Bestever) – Again, several hours have been spent in discourse on Skype with this man, and he represents another person whose company I have enjoyed. Many a time he has pestered me for the latest edition of the blog, a healthy habit that I appreciate.

Homcgra1 (Googly) – I have had the satisfaction of playing alongside him in both W39 and W51 as well, and I must say, I am continually awed by his lovely charisma and engaging personality. I wish him the best of luck with maintaining and improving his rank five status.

My original tribemates of Sov (Sovereign King, Darkdue387, Klutch17, Kkaukis-Joes-Murph, Ghostymoats, DANEDATTA, Spontania, Scorpio S2, TargetedPlayer, Confounded, JETTTTT; those with whom I recall fun times during the early stages of the world) – I am gratified that I have had the opportunity to play with several of the same members today as I did when we all had 100 points.

All whom I’ve pestered with information for the blog (you know who you are, especially if I’ve contacted you many, many times :p) – Thanks for bearing with my constant questioning :)

Thanks to everyone for a fun stay on W52; I shall look to try to stay abreast of the going-ons of the world in the coming months even in absence.


You better not leave forever like Fanged :icon_cry:

Already missing you and the month is still young, come back soon bud.

As a side note; Incredible job on the blogs and I look forward to playing with you again soon.

Have fun in Spain.


Most of us know that Fanged is not the guy that he made himself appear like he was...