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Discussion in 'Questions' started by Yarnie, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. Yarnie

    Yarnie Guest

    Oftentimes I leave my browser up when I go somewhere, or get occupied watching tv....Just wondering if there is an auto refresh option for opera...I looked, and couldnt find one, but it could be hiding from me.
  2. servy

    servy Guest

    First off, why would you need one? If you're not there there's no need to refresh. Secondly, you're looking for something to act automatically, which would be illegal.
  3. Yarnie

    Yarnie Guest

    I keep an eye on it, and get tired of goin back to it and clicking.

    I didnt think that woud qualify as illegal...but ok, dumb question I guess :p

  4. I am assuming that you are thinking along the lines of being able to glance over at the computer from a distance to see if there are incoming attacks while doing something else.

    I dont know of anything in Opera that could help but Firefox has an add-on that can do that called ReloadEvery. You choose the interval you want it to reload the page.

    I am not sure if TW would classify this as something illegal to use though. I dont really see why they would though unless they would want to say it is automation.

    Come to think of it, unless you have paid for the ad disabling, refreshing the page will likely not be loading the page you actually want unless you manually enter the url of the page you will want to be reloaded so that it is in your URL bar.

    Edit: Nevermind I see servy has replied since I opened the thread
  5. After some thought, a legal solution for you could be to get about 30+ scouts and then send single scouts out at staggered distances and keep your page on the rally point and it will keep reloading each time an attack hits and each time one returns. It is a viable solution that wouldnt take too much work and if you have enough attacks, it could cover a large time frame.
  6. Yarnie

    Yarnie Guest

    I am in a dorm room, and even my bedroom is small, and I set my computer up so that I can see it from anywhere I am..bed, chair, watching tv, etc...becasue I oftentimes watch movies on it :p

    I dont like firefox, it keeps crashing on me, so I downloaded opera, then someone told me about the program you mentioned.....If it is illegal though, no sense in having it.

  7. Yarnie

    Yarnie Guest

    I suppose that would work huh, nice thinking.
  8. MLangea

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    May 1, 2008
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    Just leave the barracks page up while your recruiting troops. :) Thats what I do anyways.
  9. i dunno about you but my opera browser has a right click option reload every...
  10. ac04

    ac04 Guest

    mine does, and has done for all the time I've had it
  11. If you right click in a place where you aren't hovering over an image, there is an option to reload at different intervals.
  12. oh yeh i see thats good think :p