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david james 1985

Hi peeps i have recently returned to the game after i played w37/46 for 3 years. dont want to be playing 20hrs a day as i was then.. Im looking to do about 3-4hrs a day will probably increase as i get addicted again..lol

W37 (first world) 500k
w46 5mill was co duke of a 240mill tribe. quit due to problems with my home life.

i can snipe 100ms-150ms trains can also send them. backtiming is not a problem either.. also write my own scripts if needed. know just about all there is to know but there is always room for improvement in anyones game.

willing to co a duke or council member as i had alot of experience in this area so dont worry if u think that will put me off.:icon_razz:

post on here if interested then will take it over to skype once i find the right account i wanna co.:)

UK times around 11:00-15:00 would be perfect but can be a little flexable :)
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i'm looking for a coplayer
add me on skype :aditya.barua1

david james 1985

dj.noble1 is my skype.
currently in talks with 8 people will decide wot to do by end of the day..lol