B-movie trivia, anyone?


Alright, to increase acknowledgement of my existence in this world (anyone here remember me trolling them on world 67 or 69? In-game or on the forums here?) I've started a daily movie trivia challenge on my in-game profile of the same account name as this one.

I post a picture from a B-movie as my coat of arms, and you message me the title of the movie the picture's taken from. Pretty simple, pretty fun, if you're a bad movie buff like myself.

My trolling days are over, but I still have fun with TW in new ways. :icon_twisted:


lol, you're the guy that got rimmed 4 different times on this world, and still claimed to be a better player.

but honesty i dont know the movie, my guess is the wizard of oz:icon_idea:


You should message power ranger hidden gem, or heartlesfool on the forums, if you want to return to trolling that would be the best one for you to work with :p


Heartless Fool has been rather quiet as of late...wonder what kind of problems hes having such that he is unable to maintain his persona on the externals ;)