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I am a rather new player and have gotten familliar with backtiming recently. I have to questions about it:

1. How do i know what the slowest attacking unit is? Is the only way to know exactly when the attack was sent and then calculating the speed with help of the distance?
2. And if this is the only way, how is one possible to backtime within miliseconds on a speed world?-


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Hi mate.

The unit with the slowest attack speed is ram, you can find information about unit speed here:

If you purchase a premium account this will give you much more accessibility to unit speeds and travel durations in-game.

Like so:

To backtime: open the incoming attack command in a new tab, when it lands you can refresh it and it will tell you the time your opponents troops return home. That is the time you want to launch your attack to land at.

- Mr. President

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To perform an accurate backtime there isn't much you have to do - simply run a script like this one which gives you the backtime time, and then simply hit the player who attacked you at the time the script gives you. When you attack someone your army always returns at :000 ms, so you basically only have to hit the second.

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you should probably try it manually,
there's a lot of players like me that can land attacks within the same milisecond.
you just need some practice.
these sniping scripts are rather useful for teaching sniping but also remove the need for skill as they get more precise.

- Mr. President

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its not a sniping script or anything like that, it simply renames the command to its backtime, if renamed correctly. you need to send the attack still its not auto lmao


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Yes, the script that Mr. President suggested helps to rename an incoming attack so it also shows the return time of that attack home.

So then you can make your plans to see if you can back time that incoming attack, all of that, still it's done manually.

So it's more like a combination of scripts that can help you for back timing, 1 that shows the return time of the attack and you can use one of the many timer scripts (or the attack planner tool on twstats too) to see if you can back time the attack from any of your villages.