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Can somebody tell me please what is the interval when the premium exchanges (deposit) are balance between continent ?
I saw continents with 200k resources(iron clay or wood) and other with 0, same world :)
Thank you!

P.s. I think to be fair for all to be a global auction house.


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I think it's around every 2 hours +/- 15 minutes.

Also why is there a vote on this. If you want to make a community suggestion than this is the wrong place to post it on.

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Hi hi, sorry didn't see this earlier.

This changed on new worlds.

In the past, it was about a 2:30:00 - 3:00:00 hour gap for the equivalent of 5% of the market cap of each resource.

Now, the current drop rate (on newer worlds) is Every Minute (Same exact second of every minute) for .03% of the market cap of each resource. Since the market starts at a capacity of 50,000 this results in 15 resources dropping every minute.

If this were to be converted to 3 hours (180 minutes), the resource drops would add up to 5.4% resources every 3 hours, just spread into being dropped each minute. While the spread is much more, the average drop accumulation is still very much similar to that on the older worlds.