Bananas in Pyjamas


We had that name before these clowns. I'll take back what is ours have no worries.


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I see some random speech which is in English Alphabet but Not English, if those are some other language than i request you guys to post in English plz so i can understand :)

BiP reminds me CGI-DA or CGI family tribe (Some Korean folks) of w86 , they all started same as here BIP, a lot PP Push for account but did not make it and not lasted even till the mid game if i remember correctly.

So here it would be interesting to see How BiP will play and keep the pace , Good Luck Guys

My Comment is



Still Going Strong
Total failures. Just like they failed on 82 too.

I am not talking about CGI~DA but referring the strategy they adopted in w86 and failed, i did not played w82 so i am not aware of they PP pushed the accounts or not.
BTW thanks for bringing these stats it helps us to bring more refined opinion about BiP.


Still Going Strong
Raavna do you even research the bullshit you spew? W86? CGI just won W82, they were never on W86. They are not Koreans either.

You have the memory of Hillary Clinton.
lol, smartest Dumb

MC we had an agreement not to confront each other if you keep tha promise be good.

Michael Corleone.

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I don't care for 'agreements' on an online forum for an online game. The fact is you come on here and spew pure bullshit without doing any type of research whatsoever. It took Al Murph maybe tops, 5 minutes to show you they were on W82, not W86. Do you do that research? Of course not.