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Some rules need clarification. Because of that, I've decided to make a thread dedicated to answering all questions about rules, clarifying them, and helping people understand them. Any questions about the rules can be asked by PM, so you are not infracted. Here are some of the most commonly broken rules according to what I've seen, some false rules I've seen going around, and rules that need clarifying:

Question: Is the use of the word "shit" allowed?
[spoil]Answer: The use of the word "shit" is not profanity in itself. However, when used in excess, I will warn a player. This is still a kid-friendly forum, and I don't want players continuously using profanity that's not infractable to an obscene degree, because it doesn't help the atmosphere at all, and can even be flame-baiting in some cases. Also, the word is not allowed when referring to another player. In that case, it is insulting other members, and can be punishable.

Allowed: That shit sucks. (When referring to an unfortunate event).
Not Allowed: You are useless shit. (When referring to a player).[/spoil]

Question: Is "crap" allowed, at least?
[spoil]Answer: Yes, the word crap is allowed so long as it's not used to insult other players, such as calling them a piece of crap. However, the word itself is fine in a general context. For example, "crap, that sucks" is allowed when discussing an unfortunate event, but saying "You are a piece of crap" is not allowed :).[/spoil]

Question: What about asshole?
[spoil]Answer: The same rules apply to "asshole" as shit. Don't use it in excess, don't use it as a pronoun for other members or in an insulting way, and don't use it in any way to refer to sexual acts, as that is over the line.[/spoil]

Question: And does the same apply for bitch/bastard?
[spoil]Answer: Use of these words is infractionable in the same context as "shit".[/spoil]

Question: Is the f-word allowed in acronyms?
[spoil]Answer: This is one of the most common mistakes users make, and one that can be easily avoided. The rules explicitly state that anything that can be easily and reasonably implied to refer to the f-word is punishable, even in an acronym.

Allowed: Almost nothing :icon_biggrin:.
Not Allowed: Wtf, lmfao, milf, f'ing, feck, and other shortened forms for the word.[/spoil]

Question: What are the rules for posting pictures?
[spoil]Answer: Pictures are not allowed to be larger than 640x480 pixels, unless posted in a spoiler. If you're unsure how big a picture is, you should check the image properties by right-clicking it and looking for the size. If that doesn't work, better safe than sorry, and you should post it in a spoiler :). Also, any profanity rules and other rules still apply when posting pictures.[/spoil]

Question: What are the signature rules?
[spoil]Answer: Signatures must be smaller than or equal to 700x80 pixels in size, when not spoilered. If placed in a spoiler, one can make the signatures equal to or smaller than 700x300 pixels in size. If you're not sure how big a signature is, you can always mail me, or do the math using the formula on the Rules Page. Also, all rules for posting pictures apply to signatures.

Also, please refrain from using any animated images in your signatures. They are not allowed. That includes animated emoticons, such as :lol:.[/spoil]

Question: What about extreme content in signatures/avatars/pictures?
[spoil]Answer: There won't be punishment for a picture that has the image of a weed plant in it unless it also has words/sentences in it that condone/glorify the use of it. If the image of the drug is alone, most of the time we will disregard it. If you're not sure about if a post is legal, or a signature/avatar, feel free to mail me and I'll let you know :).[/spoil]

Question: What is considered off-topic in a thread?
[spoil]Answer: Off-topic in a thread is considered to be when a player goes off-topic from the original intent of the thread. This is a huge thing to cover, so I'll do my best:

*Thread about war between A/B tribes on W46"

Player 1: Your stats are as bad as your war on X world where you lost against Y tribe.
Player 2: That was because of etc etc reasons and our tribe was etc etc.

This is allowed, obviously. When you discuss the players in each tribe, this is also allowed, but please be careful not to insult any players personally. You're only allowed to attack in-game skill. Also, if the thread becomes about one player, or it becomes out-of-hand in focusing on only one player, I will redirect the thread with a post, and if it persist, punish.

If a thread about A/B tribes fighting becomes a thread about C possibly intervening, that's fine. But if the thread becomes about C alone, then it's obviously not.

If a thread about A/B tribes fighting becomes a thread about C/D fighting, I will only allow posts if you can say how C/D fighting relates to A/B. And if it's a stretch, don't bother posting. I won't simply glance over it and say "Oh, he related it", I want to see legitimate reasons before I consider it any less than an attempt to grab at straws so you can spam :).

I do allow some spam, I am lenient. However, threads need to stay on-topic. Too much spam clutters the forums, and we don't want that. If you're going to spam, try to take it to GD in another thread.

Spamming a thread about the top 20 tribes by talking about players in each tribe is not allowed, because it generally derails the thread entirely, as opposed to war threads which tend to get back on track. Spamming a thread about top 20 players by talking about tribes is definitely not allowed either.

Any other questions or additions about spam/off-topic? Feel free to post here, and I'll add accordingly.[/spoil]

For now, that's all I can think of. However, if you have more questions, I will be happy to answer them by private message, and I will add any worthy questions/answers to this thread. The point of this thread (because believe me, I have a lot of things I could be doing rather than making such a long/cumbersome thread organized) is to keep the forums clean and easier to moderate. If it's easier for me, it's easier for you, and we can all move on with our lives easily :icon_razz:. So please, feel free to ask questions by PM! However, any spam on this thread (and I mean any spam) will be removed and warned for, or infracted for. This thread is the one thread I won't tolerate any spam on :icon_razz:. So please be careful not to do that :).

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