Been Hacked? Read how to stop it again


Been Hacked? use these to prevent it!

Tribal Wars Today
A problem player’s face today in Tribal Wars is the threat of being hacked. It’s all too common, and all too easy to prevent. Following a few safety guidelines will eliminate any chance of someone infiltrating your precious account, the account you spend hours per day playing!

Been Hacked?
The first things many users do when they get hacked is panic, then try to place blame. Its your responsibility to keep you account safe, and there where the fault lies. Only you could prevent it. Carry on reading for the steps to take if you think your account has been compromised.

What Do I Do Now?
Think! What or who could have done it. Was it a friend, an enemy, a Phishing site, or some sort of program used to key-log you? There is always a way someone got your password, and with Tribal Wars security methods it is near impossible to infiltrate their servers.

How Should I Know!
If you truly have no idea, you were more than likely key logged or phished. To prevent being key logged again, we suggest running through the following steps.

  1. Virus Scan your computer to get rid of the key-logger, this can quickly show any infections your computer may have.
  2. Scan your system for Spy-Ware, these small bits of software are sometimes missed by the antivirus, and there is a high chance of spyware being the cause of your password being stolen.
    [*]If you have any other privacy software RUN that too, check if you have a fire wall and that its set up properly, always scan files before you run them.
  3. Now its time to change your password, if you already have- then do it again. You need to change the password last due to the fact the key logger may still be logging key presses.

Fishing, On The Internet?
Phishing is a common way people get their details stolen online. Its done when the scammer makes a copy of a website but instead of logging you in they receive the details.
It’s very easy to not fall for this and some browsers even come with built in warning for the bigger sites. A good phishing site will leave most users un-aware that they were even phished.

So How Do I Avoid The Bait?
It’s simple, look in the address bar. Make sure it’s the site you’re supposed to be on, if it’s not.. Leave, it’s that simple.

What If It’s Neither Of These?
There are many things it could be, some of the more common ones are:
  • So called friends
  • Jealous Family members

A Few Simple But Effective Tips
  • A password is PRIVATE keep it that way!
  • Make sure no one can see you typing in your password, cover the keyboard.
  • Check the URL in the address bar, make sure your where you think you are.
  • Use unique passwords for each site.
  • Changing your password regularly will keep you ahead of the game.
  • Easy to guess passwords cause problems, make it hard to guess but not hard to remember!

Free Software, You Don’t Have An Excuse!
There are many free applications you can download to your computer to keep it and you safe, just make sure you download from trusted sources. Ask friends and family what they suggest, here are a few i think no computer should be without!

What You Need!
AVG Free (Anti-Virus) OR Avast (Anti-Virus)
Ad-aware (Adware detector)
SpyBotS&D (Anti-Spyware)
Fire Fox (Browser) or Opera (Browser) or Google Chrome (Browser)

Free anti-virus programs:


Free anti-adware programs:
Ad-aware SE personal edition

Free spy-ware programs:
SpyBot S&D - Decent Anti-Spyware program

Safer Browsers Don't Use IE
Fire Fox
There are also addons, you can search for these on their official sites.

Be Safe online, there are always people willing to take advantage of you.
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Good thread to be having. Have edited the links so that they go directly to the download mirrors etc. Also, stickied.


ty, now i understand why you requested me to remove the ad from my sig ;p


thanks kayvent
You're welcome.

One thing to also note is when I.E. was first developed there was no such thing as viruses, that means it's not the most effective at stopping them until the base of the browser is changed. It's not a scan or whatever but the best way to stop all problems is to never get them in the first place. Using browsers with built-in firewalls, a router's firewall, and the regular firewall on a computer helps to prevent many problems.


personally i use firefox with a few addons..
ty for the browsers idea
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I have a few suggestions too :

free browser, safer than IE :

free Antivirus :
Active Virus Shield (it's free, but still uses Kaspersky's database and engine)
Comodo Antivirus

free spy-ware programs:
Comodo BOClean

You might also include a new section, free firewalls, as I think a good firewall is also needed so that you're computer doesn't get hacked, and so your account doesn't get hacked.

Here are my suggestions for firewalls :
Comodo Firewall
Agnitum Outpost

or you can see some more firewalls here

I hope this will be of some help to somebody.

P.S. :
I was going to say ZoneAlarm too as a firewall, but seems you can't download it for free anymore (unless you use the TrialPay service, where you have to buy a product to get another one for free link here)


A few simpler tip:

· Keep your password secret from EVERYONE
· Cover the keyboard as you type in public areas
· Dont fall for phishing sites! some one will have done this and not thought about i!
· use different passwords for every site
· change your pasword often!
· easy guess passwords lead to insecure accounts
my small addon to this:

do NOT EVER keep a list of passwords on your computer

if you have a bad memmory then make a list and save it on a flashcard USB stick or some other form of that

this will keep it secure from internet and accesible if needed also very important about this form of saving passwords
DO NOT USE THIS MEDIA FOR ANYTHING ELSE! and keep it out of sight from ppl!


this isnt safe to store a list ANYWHERE.. what if you lose it? some one could find it...


and thats why you put it somewhere you remember and no1 knows about :) thats what i do

never lost the USB stick and if you dont know where to look you wont find it within 2 days :p


its more dangerous than having it set in a notepad file, named my passwords...

use passwords you can remember.


for those who forget passwords easily.

Think of a song, something that you will remember the words to. Take the first letter of the first 8 or so words, or first two lines. For example Guns n Roses - Sweet Child of Mine.

She's got a smile that it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories

So you get sgastistm.

To differ your password for each site add at the beginning or the end the intials of the site, for example Tribal Wars becomes sgastistmtw.

Then if you really cannot remember it you can even print the lyrics out and leave them next to your PC, no one will know what they are.