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Seriously? :icon_neutral:
None of those where bitching. It is explaining a situation how it is. I never mentioned which member of staff on purpose.

On your other point; if you're caught being banned, they go with the worst offense as punishment. If you do more than one thing that is bannable, they will go with the worst, and if you provide evidence to counter it, they will move on to another. Best way to counter that? Don't break the rules.
You don't understand at all. I supply evidence for me being innocent and it is moved onto a completely different point that again the member of staff has no evidence for at all and they are saying that is the reason I am banned. I supply more evidence showing that it is not the case and another thing comes up that again they have no evidence to back. As for your snidey comment: "Best way to counter that? Don't break the rules." I would not be complaining if I had broken rules.

On your last, I find that that a tad bit hard to believe. First, if no one has an academy, or is even near building one, and then suddenly have 3-4 villages, that, to me, seems like it would take longer than 14 days, which is how long banned accounts stay for without going barb.
When I was banned, nobody had built an academy.

To go from an academy to 3-4 villages on a coin world should take around 4-5 days. That's how long I have been banned WITHOUT any evidence in the slightest of me breaking rules.

It all depends how good you are at the game. I believe it would take some people longer than 14 days. But the better players can farm and get the first few villages without too much of a problem. I think I could go from academy to 3 villages in less than a week myself.


WRONG and again WRONG....even the best players only go from academy to 2 villages in a week more start up...

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Just to clear up a few things:

Premium does not affect when a banned account is deleted.

We don't ignore tickets. I searched for the ticket belonging to the person who claimed he had not had a reply for weeks and did not find anything.

Our average first response time for new tickets is around 12 hours, which isn't as good as I wish for, but still beats the likes of Blizzard (2-10 day response times for tickets in WoW).
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