Best Attack / Defence army + build lvls ?

Discussion in 'Questions' started by Push, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. Push

    Push Guest

    Post your ideas on the best troops/buildings for attack villages

    and defence villages.

    much apreciated :) :icon_biggrin::icon_razz:
  2. Push

    Push Guest

    Well... how many


    Could you fit in a 10k + point vilage/9k+:icon_rolleyes:
  3. servy

    servy Guest

    offensive village you should have several hundrad rams, a lvl 25 barracks, and a lvl 20 stable. Keep those two buildings constanly queued with axes and LC until you've filled up the farm space. Should be around 6k axe 3k LC.

    For defense either build half spears half swords or 4 Heavy Cavalry for every spearman. This usually ends up around 10k/10k spears/swords or 8k spears 1k HC.
  4. You can also go with a 9:5:1 ratio for a quick build defense .


    It has worked well for my tribe and can max pop in under 21 days:icon_eek::icon_idea:
  5. Push

    Push Guest

    Thanks for replys but what about building lvls i mean all lvls for attack villages and defence eg. keep in mind the layout is not meant for lvl 1,2,3 rams/spears ect.. and the world is a coin world ^^

    Use this layout-

    Attack village=

    Village Headquarters -
    Barracks -
    Stable -
    Workshop -
    Academy - 1
    Smithy -
    Rally point - 1
    Statue - 1
    Market -
    Timber camp -
    Clay pit -
    Iron mine -
    Farm -
    Warehouse -
    Hiding place -
    Wall -

    Also if you could please give a reason for some of the lvls eg. keep hiding place 10 for when you are being farmed ect.. (I am talking about built up villages like 9-11k pointers).

    Also people with maxed out buildings on all could you please post how much population it takes?, thanks alot best regards push :)
  6. K-MaGic

    K-MaGic Guest

    For offensive village:

    HQ(headquarters)-20/25-to upgrade faster if your wall is damaged by the rams or your buildings have been attacked by catapults and downgraded
    Barracks -25-fast recruitment of troops
    Stable -20-fast recruitment of ponies
    Workshop -i keep it at level 3 in offensive villages
    Academy - 1
    Smithy -20-must to make noblemen
    Rally point - 1
    Statue - 1
    Market -20-i don't use it much,but you can send a lot of resources
    Timber camp -30-2400 resources per hour
    Clay pit -30-2400 resources per hour
    Iron mine -30-2400 resources per hour
    Farm -30-farm space for a lot of troops,a must
    Warehouse -30-400k resources fit in it,a must
    Hiding place -when you have 5+villages you don't even have to worry about it,when you have under 5 villages get it to level 10-you can always rebuild few levels of wall
    Wall -20-1020 basic defense,107% bonus defense

    Defensive village:

    Barracks -25
    Stable -15
    Workshop -0
    Academy - 0
    Smithy -15
    Rally point - 1
    Statue - 1
    Market -25-to deliver resources to your offensive villages
    Timber camp -30
    Clay pit -30
    Iron mine -30
    Farm -30
    Warehouse -30
    Hiding place -0
    Wall -20

    Some troops to build:

    when you have more than 5 villages it is good that you split up your villages.half the villages for offense,half for defense.
    in offensive villages you should have this:
    5/6k axe
    1.5/2k light cavalry
    500/1k mounted archers
    300 rams
    i use 1 scout-or two.they always work:)
    4 noblemen for fast nobles
    if you wish you can also have some cats-how much you want.but if you want to noble someone,don't use will just have to rebuild more.

    In defensive villages i use this:
    5/6k spears
    5/6k swords
    4/5k archers
    500/1k heavy cavalry

    That should help you.If you need more help ask.
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  7. darkaniken2

    darkaniken2 All Over the Board

    Nov 22, 2007
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    On the scouts for defensive, have about 100, so that when other people scout you, your scouts will kill them.
  8. Push

    Push Guest

    yeah but..shouldent you have like 100 scouts in an attack village.. or should you have about 1k
  9. K-MaGic

    K-MaGic Guest

    1k scouts=2k farm space.that is 2k axe more:)

    I use only 1 scout in my attacks,and he has never died:lol:
  10. darkaniken2

    darkaniken2 All Over the Board

    Nov 22, 2007
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    Depends. Defensive, 1k is prolly a good idea. Attack villages shouldn't have scouts. You should scout with a defensive village.
  11. Push

    Push Guest

    good idea, is it good to have pure HC villages?

    so its quick support?

    You should have -

    Attack village - :axemen:,:lightcavalry:,ac,:ram:,:nobleman:
    Defence village - :swordsman:,spear,:heavycavalry:
    support village - all :heavycavalry:


    so like..

    Attack village - 5k :axemen: 2k :lightcavalry: 500:ram: 4 :nobleman:
    defence village - 6k spear 6k :swordsman:1k :scout: 3k archer?
    support village - 3k :heavycavalry: ??

    please reply if this is ok and/or is there any problems with it?
  12. servy

    servy Guest

    pure HC villages just get wiped out by a LC strong army. You're better off just making a spear/HC army. Basically replace the swords with HC.

    You shouldn't have too many scout villages (although they are indespensible early on while farming). You should have just a few with 2-3+k scouts. If you're in a war situation where you are constantly being scouted by small scouting fakes then it is a good idea to spread 50-100 scouts into each village, but don't acutally but that many in a village. Build a lot in a few villages and send them out as support. This way if you don't need them for defense you can actually use them in offense.

    Cats are practially useless once you stop farming. Some people insist on hitting rally points, but this tactic is so easily countered I don't think it's worth the effort. You more likely to just assume you opponent won't counter it and leave yourself more vunerable.
  13. Push

    Push Guest

  14. servy

    servy Guest

    I know that, I was referring to several posts up on the cat comment. (sorry for not quoting each section, I just didn't feel like going through all the work.)
  15. Push

    Push Guest

    nah it's ok :)
  16. Mimelim

    Mimelim Guest

  17. Push

    Push Guest

    Thanks Mimelim gonna help alot :icon_wink:
  18. K-MaGic

    K-MaGic Guest

    500 rams???

    lol,no!!!300 rams is enough to make a wall from level 20 to 0 in one attack:)
    trust me:

    5/6k axe
    1 scout
    1k/1.5k LC
    500/1k MA
    300 rams
    4 noblemen
  19. Push

    Push Guest


    6k axe / 3k lc / 250-300ram

    Why need ac when the rams bring the wall down so u can get to the archers?
  20. K-MaGic

    K-MaGic Guest

    do you think that LC or axe will kill those archers???what if you hit a villages supported only by archers???what will you do then?don't be stupid...I know i was in the beginning,did the same.but now i kill everything...