Best Attack / Defence army + build lvls ?

Discussion in 'Questions' started by Push, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. Push

    Push Guest


    6k axe/2k lc/250-300ram

    And in alternative attack villages

    6k axe/1.5kMA/250-300ram?

    have some attack villages built for mainly wiping out archers D:
  2. K-MaGic

    K-MaGic Guest

    no,no,no.not like that!!!
    5/6k axe
    300 rams!!!
    1k/1.5k LC
    500/1k MA
    1 scout

  3. Push

    Push Guest

    you sure? u can have 1.5k lc 1k ma?
  4. K-MaGic

    K-MaGic Guest

    are you using drogues??OF COURSE!:D
  5. servy

    servy Guest

    Sounds like you've never come up against a stacked village. Use the simulator. If a village has 40k/40k you won't even drop it past 15 with 300 rams.

    You USUALLY don't need more than 300 rams, but that doesn't mean you don't ever need more.
  6. Push

    Push Guest

    k-magic you sound like your on drugs.. LC work best, only use MA if you have to, so set say 3 out of 10 attack villages with 2.5k MA instead of 3k LC
  7. PorksStyle

    PorksStyle Guest


    whats the best plan to get back on your feet if you have been wiped out?
  8. k9burn

    k9burn Guest

    I think you meant 4 spearmen for every HC.

    Also you should end up near 8k spears and 2k HC assuming a 20,000 population limit on troops.

    I'd like to add, its ok to build a combination of spear/swords/HC in a village. I do it based on resource availability and how desperate I am to build troops.
  9. servy

    servy Guest

    That would depend very wildly upon circumstance, but in most cases you'd do what you'd be doing at any time, and that's building up your army and village(s).

    Did you really need to bump a year old topic to post a only slightly related question?

    It was a simple typo from over a year ago.