best noble on 62?


So for any of you that are interested (probably not many of you) I thought i'd tell a little story of how '...MotMotMot' lost his main village (and looks like quit the game) to a player around 1/3 of his size:icon_rolleyes:

Around 2 weeks ago I saw a promising tribe in my area, Panic. I asked to join Panic and after not hearing anything back for 2 days i guessed the answer was a no lol, I asked them why this was and was told '...MotMotMot' didn't like the idea of them recruiting so close to him, quite understandable really id probably be the same. I noticed Mot was growing faster than me, i just couldn't keep up, good farmer and not much else i guess. Mot grew to 3k points, 4k points, 5k points, I kept expecting to see a train incoming from him for me to attempt to cancel snipe/backtime ( surely he saw me as atleast a small threat to his local area, with him blocking my attempt to join Panic if nothing else) but no attack from Mot ever came :icon_confused:.
Then yesterday i received a mail from a friend from another world:

[spoil]sdkd on 06.04. at 13:55
hey are u interested on taking ...MotMotMot main village i am under attack in this village 1 e (428|628) K64, so his troops wont be back until like 20 hours and this is a great opportunity to get him while he is weak.

i am a co players of the cool tracker account in world 62 mark told me to talk to you to see if u we interested

landing times of his attacks
...MotMotMot LOL Mot ..thanx Sdkd for the tip (404|628) K64 --> Arrival time: Apr 06, 2012 14:21:55:721 ...MotMotMot
...MotMotMot LOL Mot ..thanx Sdkd for the tip (404|628) K64 --> Arrival time: Apr 06, 2012 21:11:03:633 ...MotMotMot
...MotMotMot LOL Mot ..thanx Sdkd for the tip (404|628) K64 --> Arrival time: Apr 06, 2012 22:16:04:627 ...MotMotMot
...MotMotMot LOL Mot ..thanx Sdkd for the tip (404|628) K64 --> Arrival time: Apr 06, 2012 22:16:04:677 ...MotMotMot
...MotMotMot LOL Mot ..thanx Sdkd for the tip (404|628) K64 --> Arrival time: Apr 06, 2012 22:16:04:727 ...MotMotMot
...MotMotMot LOL Mot ..thanx Sdkd for the tip (404|628) K64 --> Arrival time: Apr 06, 2012 22:16:04:777 ...MotMotMot
...MotMotMot LOL Mot ..thanx Sdkd for the tip (404|628) K64 --> Arrival time: Apr 06, 2012 22:16:04:827 ...MotMotMot[/spoil]

Must admit my eyes lit up when i saw this mail, why was Mot sending a train so far before securing his local area? well anyway I saw I only had 1 shot at sniping his train at pally speed and got a little lucky to land it after the 1st noble i guess:

Support for kk update the notebook (428|628) K64 today at 22:16:04:663
1.1k spears/swords and 200 archers.:icon_smile:

I only had 2 nobles at this time so yeah it turned into a day of farming :icon_sad: until i finally got the 4th noble and poor motmot couldn't snipe:



:O he used my name, im mark :p yeh i thought sdkd was stuffed unlucky for motmot Dj was there :D

Well Played Dan

ThedreamTeam - World 62
C00l Tracker - World 57


yeah Good one, thats why you should never underestimated anyone

One Last Shot...

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Bad luck on Panic! for not picking up what I suspect they now realize is some good talent they could have brought in to their team, but all I can really say is...

Well played sir!


Yep I really enjoyed reading that, even though I'd already seen it on their forums shortly after the attack - I'd hire you anytime djwright15 !


Loved it. I can only imagine the number of incomings you get the next few days though, good luck, I'll be rooting for ya :)


Aw you should have let the guy noble his village first at least lol


Awesome Job! I thought I'd see better coming from DJn that account though.


nicely done mate... interesting to see this today.. only recently had a discussion about you with PANIC... of course you understand why we didn't recruit you to RABID... location wasn't good, and out of respect for PANIC we didn't want to recruit in their neighborhood... so, I recommended to PANIC leadership they recruit you... I guess they didn't, but am sure guessing they wish they had now!!


nicely done brother! Good-luck!


Woop Woop, didn't need my quick dodge script in the end then Dan? ;)