Best of/Worst of


Yes I had about 1700 attacks from you and yet you got 0 villages from me. congrats.

since i came back i have had 2200 from you and i havent lost a village either

and secksay(bluedeath,mr k15, etc) , i was just trying to have a bit of fun
if you cant take a joke.....well then find a sense of humour or get someone to pass one to you(oh, sorry i forgot. you can only do that with accounts)


yeah sexxxy get a sense of humor and send 3k cat nukes at him, i find that funny i am sure awgz will too lol


yeah sexxxy get a sense of humor and send 3k cat nukes at him, i find that funny i am sure awgz will too lol

His "presents" are already well on their way to his villages.

I did not know that I did not have a sense of humor........:icon_redface:. Now I am sad, I thought that all these years that I have been involved with this account (another fail for AWGZ with the account passing dig) we had all been having fun. But maybe it was just those players who are good at this game, and that does not include him.

PS: Awgz, please have troops at home to great mine. It would just be rude to know they were coming to visit and not be there to greet them. It is no fun catting empty villages. Thanks.


He didnt dodge my nukes, he just went missing for a few days


He didnt dodge my nukes, he just went missing for a few days

that annoys me more than anything, why when you nuke someone would they dispear for afew days then return once your done :|, the pinnacle/point of the game is been attacked and with account manager it makes it easy to defend against mass nuking now.


thats why i dont use the account manager....
it ruins all the fun


thats why i dont use the account manager....
it ruins all the fun

no thats beacuse your stupid :p, why make work for your self? i personally don't use it but if i was been attacked i would buy it just to rebuild walls and catted vills, wont be long till your points start dropping and you will need it :p
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Big bunch of girls :p

The lotta ya :p

If your not in SubV all you can do is talk, while we walk all over anybody left on the world, all you have left is your Dignity (some not even that)

Your all going to die, So why dont you give up on the smack talk :| (or attempt at it)


ok, you guys win
i'll just go and delete my account right now......oh wait now
i dont care what you think
i am going to die, but tw is a game so i dont think you are going to kill me that way....(if you do, book an appointment)
i am not talking smack(if you find something offensive about saying that i dont use the account manager i would book another appointment)
and immunesoul, i am stupid
so stupid that i wouldnt waste 200 pp on a world that i know wont last another month for the sake of a few farm levels that will never be full again
and who says i am going to rebuild the walls and farms?
why not let you guys worry about it when you come and take my villages?

and madengineer, whoever you are, stop copying my :p thing


You say there is no point buying account manager, that is silly, you have been here 3 years, this is the pinnacle point of your play time and you wont spend afew pp to make subvs time abit harder, tbh thats pathetic you could make a billion or more OD on an account that size easily if you wanted too, you would still get rimmed but you would go out with good stats and knowing you put up a good fight and proving what everyone says about you is wrong, this is your last chance regardless of if you don't care, I just find it stupid that you have been here all this time, you are now the biggest non subv member, and you saying that buying it is a waste of time why have you paid premium to stay here knowing for the last year you would only get rimmed, i think your talking shit and should just delete as your obviously a waste of space, and you will remain that after subv has rimmed you, but you can always prove us wrong :)


Well from what I am seeing with my nuking of him, he has already quit........

I wonder if the K15 barb was worth it now?


seriously secksay, it was a joke
i just saw that you were the only person in k15 so i took one tiny barb
no harm done

and i have only been here 2 years immunesoul, but you are right about everything else
i want to make your time harder but it will be close to impossible to do that
and i think clemp has already taken my place with the whole 1bil odd thing
but thanks for the faith in me anyway

but no matter what i do, no matter what i say, i will never be liked by any of you
i will never get any respect from you
and i certaintly wont get a kind word from you
what was said above was the closest to a kind word
i have recieved no congratulations from anyone about being the biggest non subv player
i dont expect a marching band but not even one of my friends have said anything to me
mabye its because i dont deserve it
i know i dont, and there are at least 20 people who no longer play that deserve it more than me
all i want to do is be another guy who reached 20mil then got his ass kicked by subv


Best All Around Player: Xarros. No one knows him -- at least I don't think many do -- but he was a mix of Miggy and Alex, but very quiet. I believe he took 9 villages in the same second, never lost a village, and was always ready to help anyone. Great player.

Best Attacker: Probably nMe. But this one is debatable.

Best Defender: Again, very generic, but I'd say Aus or myself. We did have to defend our entire NE front against Order.

Best strategic player: Not sure. I'll go with UK, I mean, he's still around right?

Best Player that got rimmed: Since this is pretty broad, I'll go with one that I rimmed. I believe his name was Smbsecret or something. Was rank three on world 28 when I rimmed him almost entirely in one second. He split one train, and lived a few more days. Good person, clearly a good player.

Biggest Barb Taker: PACK

Best Tribe: Who? before ChAoS broke them apart.

Runner up Tribe: There is no second best.

The most enjoyable player to piss off: The guy with the stewy avatar that was in Order.

The player you never want to piss off: Grant aka nMe.

Best team (group of players): ChAoS, no doubt.

Funniest Player: Too many to count.

Biggest ass hole (or Diva): Alex.

Best War: The one yet to be faught.

Who would you most like to meet?: No one.

Who's computer would you most like to break?: No one's.

Most over rated player: I'm not sure you can be overrated, the better question would be most underrated.

Most Improved (went from noob to killer): Hard to say, this was the first for a lot of people, including myself.

Most Annoying Player: All of Pack.

Luckiest Player: The remainders of PACK.

Best Alliance: None.

Greatest Farmer: Me.

Best mail: I didn't talk to anyone.

Most Dramatic: Jo.

Most Paranoid: Me.

Most Underhanded: Alex and all of ChAoS' leadership.

Most Loyal: Myself.

Greatest Spy: I hate spies.

Biggest Stat Padder: Everyone that was worth their weight.

Best Leader: Alex when he put in the time.

Worst Leader: Auskilla when he vanished.

Love Westshire!



Best All Around Player: Toss up between US Patriot and Heavenly Hell

Best Attacker: Heavely Hell

Best Defender: A guy named K9Me one of the greatest in short range defense!

Best strategic player: H46Ac long live David!!!!

Best Player that got rimmed: really if you got rimmed you seriously cant be that good but The Fez was a pain so I will go with him

Biggest Barb Taker: Anyone in Pack lol

Best Tribe : INH hahahah

Runner up Tribe : Subv when INH joined them lol

The most enjoyable player to piss off: Intim

The player you never want to piss off: Princess Di she is crazy son lol

Best team (group of players): The boys of the South West you know who you are!

Funniest Player: Saint Pauli when he gets on here drunk lol

Biggest ass hole (or Diva): Even though me and him got along Sacerdoter was a dick to alot of people lol or The other Matt aka Razz

Best War: INH vs Subv was the last time we really battled hard

Who would you most like to meet? Saint Pauli

Who's computer would you most like to break? Everyone so I would just stop playing this game

Most over rated player: Intim because he likes squirrels!

Most Improved (went from noob to killer): ME, my first world :p

Most Annoying Player: The little guys that havent quit yet!

Luckiest Player: Anyone still alive in W25

Best Alliance: Subv/SFM/Subv2/Food lol

Greatest Farmer: heavely

Best mail : I have seen some funny ones but never kept them :(

Most Dramatic: Intim that guy was always fired up

Most Paranoid: Halling aka Linda lol

Most Underhanded: hmmmmm Cameronthechef never knew what that guy was up to

Most Loyal: Me I never betrayed my people...EVER

Greatest Spy: Didnt really us ethem so dont know

Biggest Stat Padder: UK of course lol

Best Leader: UK with INH he did alot for what he had to work with

Worst Leader: Super...Pack could be #1/#2 right now with still alot of fight


I want to add a category for those of you willing yo update your list.

Whether or not they ultimately lost
Which player gave you the best fight?


Tormos of recent memory, for a pack player he did try and fight back, going back the stan account was protected well, its a shame rickys account was not as protected as that one and there was about a year between those, rickys was really disappointing. also ddwagg, never really managed to get a village off him no matter which account i was sitting.

Best attack i have recieved was Jim/Bish/gouge/dix in the Great Ek account. I had no idea what i was doing against those players at that time.


giddeon or Dann-Boii and maybe master2u for the first few days at the time when attacking the first two i had the whole of BOB and STK stacking them, it made it rather difficult to get villages when having to knock though a 100/100k :| i eventually had to stop as i ran out of nukes when i had around 1500 villages lol, apart from that everyone was crap.

sancus gave a slight fight, even tho i had laser eye surgery at that time and couldn't spend long on the computer and was moving house and at school for 12 hours aday.

after about 500 vills i became very lazy on this world and still made rank 1 says everything, now i have more nukes than sense but theres no1 left :(
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Best All Around Player: UK, good leader and player.

Best Attacker: L U K E, he would go to war with the world if he could.

Best Defender: I wish I could still remember their names.

Best strategic player: L U K E: I liked hes offensive style back in the day

Best Player that got rimmed: Why is this a question?

Biggest Barb Taker: Razz, he was a beast

Best Tribes: WHO?, INH, Subv

Runner up Tribe: Chaos

The most enjoyable player to piss off: L U K E

The player you never want to piss off: saint pauli, nobled off a village of his for shits and giggles, he nuked all my villages :<

Best team (group of players): West INH and east Subv back during the war. Would of been fun if INH sides were flip flopped.

Funniest Player: Razz

Biggest ass hole (or Diva): Some dick who insulted I think it was Heavenly hell's kid or herself, he hopped around tribes for a good few months and switching accounts. Guy was a douche.

Best War: Most of the early world wars were awesome, INH vs. Subv was just too bleh. It might have seemed as if INH was putting up a good fight but that really wasn't the case. Most of the people who were defending were either completely inactive or being sat by a few people.

Who would you most like to meet?

Who's computer would you most like to break? That douche I mentioned earlier

Most over rated player: nme...@me or what ever that was

Most Annoying Player

Luckiest Player: Every one who can say they have been with their tribe from the start to finish, to share those memories with each-other is one of the greatest feelings of nostalgia I can get. It's truly great to see your tribes rise over all of those obstacles and it may hurt to see something great fall, but in the end it is necessary to see who is best.

Best Alliance: Packs refusal to attack Subv, that one agreement changed the course of this world.

Greatest Farmer

Best mail

Most Dramatic: Me, I put up way too much of a fuss to UK when INH split.

Most Paranoid

Most Underhanded

Most Loyal: Me, planed to throw a coupe against L U K E when he was running INH into the ground just for the sake of INH. Would of done that to any one really. Was planning that with Imitation (dark chaos).

Greatest Spy: Razz. I still believe he was a spy even though I talk to him fairly often still.

Biggest Stat Padder

Best Leader: U.K., L U K E (when he wasn't kicking people because they sneezed in the wrong direction), Subv's leaders (my apologies for not knowing names any more)

Worst Leader: L U K E


Most Frustrating time: Trying to defend so many accounts against subv's attacks...the lack of sleep and worry.

Started this world in my 10th grade of high school (I think), now it's my sophomore year in college. So much time has many people.
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For all those of u who mentioned that Who? / ChaOs was among the best tribe to ever existed in W25.. i would like to thank all of u who mentioned it.. it was very long ago since Who? / Chaos was around but it means alot to the former members that we still got recognised for our awesomeness that seems to have been almost impossible to forget :D

Juz an snack of info for u guys, some of the former members of Who? / Chaos has formed a tribe on world 60 ( south west ).. i hope we're not found out anytime soon and hopefully drama wont break us up again hehehe.. P.S : we're all using a diff acct so as not to get recognised :D
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