Best Of/Worst Of


15). Who's computer would you most like to break?: Voodoo
32). Worst team player: Voodoo


01). Best all-round player: N0 BU11Y
02). Best attacker: Phippsy
03). Best defender: London
04). Best strategic player: Phippsy
05). Best player that got rimmed: BlackGrimReaper xD
06). Biggest Barb taker: Artista90
07). Best tribe: Screw
08). Runner-up Tribe: Stoic
09). The most enjoyable player to piss off: Kirk
10). The player you never want to piss off: Kirk
11). Best team (group of players): Ex avatar in screw
12). Funniest player: ThaSpot
13). Best war: Ludi vs Internals
14). Who would you most like to meet?: Lord Yugi
15). Who's computer would you most like to break?: At the moment, Voodoo.
16). Most overrated player: Downzero
17). Most improved player: Artista90
18). Most annoying player(s): Kirk
19). Luckiest player: Boppiej
20). Best alliance: None
21). Best farmer: Phippsy
22). Best mail: Panda!
23). Most dramatic: Kanade24
24). Most paranoid: Kanade24
25). Most underhanded: Voodoo.
26). Most loyal: Solo-
27). Greatest spy: Brad (reeper01)
28). Biggest Stat padder: Ludimagister
29). Best leader: Solo-
30). Worst leader: Kirk
31). Best team player: N0 BU11Y
32). Worst team player: Longstrike
33). Laziest player: Bilalo


No one from the "coalition" is bitching? The only people who are, are those from the messed up avatar situation. Come at me again with something original.