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World's over lets have some fun while we end it

01). Best all-round: SergeantCrunsh Team, while my focus was on macro strategy my cos deserve this one, they have powered the account and grown with almost perfect efficiency from Roman on day 1 to Matthew currently

02).Best attacker: Superdog(RIP Keenan <3), timing a million single nobles after nukes all around an account with such accurate timing he was accuse of botting. A True legend

03). Best defender: Myself, corny or not. Defended 2-3-4 accounts at a time under op regularly during the great fall of drama and showed the Korean Nonces cant even get free villages very quickly. As well as defending most of the largest ops at landtime.

04). Best strategic player: OG K Council (myself, jon, rick, pain, zelli, silver) -> the way we came into the south internalled almost an entire tribe crumbling without it being a total loss was one of the hardest plays I have ever attempted and we pulled it off almost perfectly. Never afraid to give up some ground to set a defendable line, we somehow pulled off something that even I doubted was possible.

05). Best player that got rimmed: ross co

06). Biggest Barb taker: stew

07). Best tribe: K

08). Runner-up Tribe:

09). The most enjoyable player to piss off:
Elliotgaming, would join any world he was on just to ruin his day, noobsonice because he'd try for a comeback and just end up roasting himself

10). The player you never want to piss off:
space force because he'll get you banned

11). Best team (group of players):
K! north who basically turned the war destroying diopter/king G->granny->stoner

12). Funniest player:
Zelli - Wrekt

13). Best war:
K! versus Original Magic, the only war that made this world fun

14). Who would you most like to meet?:
Considering only people I have yet to meet at all probably rick

15). Who's computer would you most like to break?:
pain if he ever goes inactive for 2 months to grind out silver 5 on league again

16). Most overrated player:
George washington/cbirds/stoner/hellosica/diopter, really all of the big magic/korean accounts were let downs to me. As soon as they couldnt save themselves with pp they did not last 1 week

17). Most improved player:
SKRUKKAT <3 literally has turned into one of our most valuable members from an early random rim recruit. Really the kind of gem you go int oa new world hoping to find as duke

18). Most annoying player(s):
mayna1 for always spamming from his deathstars and being the only member who really utilized them

19). Luckiest player:
pink.panther for somehow never being internalled

20). Best alliance:
K and NIR

21). Best farmer:
Roman (crunsh)

22). Best mail:
"Keep attacking I want that rank 1 ODD when we win" - King Gwangetto
any of the stupidity spewed by stoner problems and noobsonice on a regular basis

23). Most dramatic:
Toolateiseeyou "OMG THIS ACCOUNT IS DONE" everytime he takes a sit with like 12 incs

24). Most paranoid:
myself, but I guess just thats the duke effect

25). Most underhanded:
all the cheating mafia idiots who get banned over and over

27). Greatest spy:
That gling guy who everyone knew was a spy with proof but somehow convinced magic to not internal him for 3 years

28). Biggest Stat padder:
tony or fred sitting on mounds of ODD :cool:

29). Best leader:

30). Worst leader:

31). Best team player:
hellosilentnukedelivery/bipod/rimulous - these guys played 100% for the tribe all world grew in back line, never complained when I took (literally) every troop they had and we could not have done it without that support

32). Worst team player:
people who dont send support when ops were coming south

33). Laziest player:
all the idiots on both sides who send 100 hour nukes without fakes because "watchtowers"


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01). Best all-round: Space Force, held the tribe together often times, doing tons of boring and annoying leg work needed in the tribe. Always one of the first to grab account sits and organize group ops.

02). Best attacker: SergeantCrush, was the driving force behind breaking a lot of magic north accounts, always had nukes and fangs rolling out with plenty of fakes to cover both themselves and slacking tribemates

03). Best defender: Jacob. For all the many account sits he took through out the world for the sole purpose of defending incoming ops, often times saving accounts until the tribe was in position to safely internal them.

04). Best strategic player: K! Council, specifically Jacob and Jon

05). Best player that got rimmed: helloirene/helloattack, only decent big magic accounts I saw really

06). Biggest Barb taker: stewinthepot

07). Best tribe: K

08). Runner-up Tribe: NIR

09). The most enjoyable player to piss off: Matthew, Stew and his backline war that happened was hilarious lol

10). The player you never want to piss off: Space Force

11). Best team (group of players): K! north probably had the best ops, K! was great at moving around D

12). Funniest player: James, is it possible to have a funnier player in a tribe? Pooga vs Heidy was a content goldmine

13). Best war: Pooga vs Arne & Lucie lol

14). Who would you most like to meet?: James/Evan, even though they were sadly betrayed, by The Betrayer, and kicked off world

15). Who's computer would you most like to break?: SergeantCrush, I think breaking Matthew's computer would give me great pleasure, and breaking Jacob's would be justice for NOLA's first night

16). Most overrated player: Hard to go with just one, but George Washington was easily the worst rank 1 player I've seen in a long time.

17). Most improved player: D Golon

18). Most annoying player(s): TheBeatConductor, all he did was seemingly beg for sits, drive away James/Evan, and afk since I joined the world

19). Luckiest player: Heidy followers who were carried to a world win by Pooga

20). Best alliance: K and NIR

21). Best farmer: Martyyboy

22). Best mail: Stonerproblems telling me he would wreck

23). Most dramatic: Arne & Lucie

24). Most paranoid: Mesuti

25). Most underhanded: MAFIA, lmao at people who multi account this obviously and still somehow don't get perm banned

27). Greatest spy: Glojko lol

28). Biggest Stat padder: I Ching

29). Best leader: Jacob

30). Worst leader: Cbirds

31). Best team player: NA people who actually took account sits, Jacob, Jon, Allan, and myself. Shout out also to CG for every time he took my account sit so I could go to bed.

32). Worst team player: Anyone who sent out op nukes with no fakes

33). Laziest player: Lahuil/Easyboy
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01). Best all-round: Those who walk in the light of the pooga sun shining victoriously

02).Best attacker: mesutii ATTACK DOG of pooga brutally savaging all our enemies

03). Best defender: Cam, he protected the pooga house until the end of time

04). Best strategic player: Evanniiiiiiiiiii for representing pooga's interests at the highest levels of K

05). Best player that got rimmed: fat japan, only man who could stand against pooga (for like 10 mins of course)

06). Biggest Barb taker: J O N A H the L O S E R

07). Best tribe: Pooga

08). Runner-up Tribe: K

09). The most enjoyable player to piss off: fat belga all he was good at was crying

10). The player you never want to piss off: fat belga because he will leave the tribe again whilst tears stream down his face thanks to staring too long at the beautiful sun of pooga

11). Best team (group of players): the pooga gang systematically destroying all those who were annoying within k.

12). Funniest player: Evaniiii

13). Best war: The War of the Traps - Outcome, Decisive pooga victory.

14). Who would you most like to meet?: jake the SNAKE so i can BOP HIM right on the nose for betraying family AGAIN! BETRAYER

15). Who's computer would you most like to break?: belga, althought all he has to do is move slightly and he will crush it himself

16). Most overrated player: krieger the korean botter, try as he might with his ceaseless timing cheats, he was unable to take POOGA TOWN FROM MY HANDS because of my VAST brain ceaselessly outhinking him. I am on a whole other level. Some people think he is good? he had 5 oppurtunities to capture pooga town but he failed.

17). Most improved player: Fat matt, he worked out TIRELESSLY NIGHT AND DAY until he became SLIM and joined the pooga family

18). Most annoying player(s): Belga, the sound of him guzzling donuts was infruriating and CONSTANT complaining about how much smarter, taller, athletic, HANDSOMER and STRONGER and just all round better we were than him.

19). Luckiest player: Belga that jake the snake protected him from operation pooga thunder.

20). Best alliance: Arne x Lucie OMEGALUL OMEGALUL OMEGALUL

21). Best farmer: Jorge is such a good farmer he wins this award even on worlds he doesnt play he is a champ and is honorary pooga.

22). Best mail: "pot meet kettle" if you know you know KEKW

23). Most dramatic: LUCIE any yikers?????? ok thats it we are quitting. waaa waaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

24). Most paranoid: shaun, serial simp. RIP he has left our discord.

25). Most underhanded: Belga BLACKMAILING jake the snake into kicking us

27). Greatest spy: Was it the REDEEMED???? our friend in high places??? orr........ Could it have been heidy all along :eek:

28). Biggest Stat padder: belga, except the stats is his big fat belly

29). Best leader: well what can i say who has led the cult of pooga with his tireless wisdom and immense brain??
that is right. Mesuttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

30). Worst leader: jake the snake, he betrayed us when we needed him most and exiled us from 107

31). Best team player: Karl, always willing to save a pooga warrior, his one axeman support was instrumental in keeping poogatown safe

32). Worst team player: jonah. when he is not having "russian border police" sign into his discord and join discord servers! thats why he is inactive not cos hes a lazy useless sack of S***

33). Laziest player: arne x lucie lets be real here


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01). Best all-round: Space Force/Crunsh. Amazing amounts of skill

02).Best attacker: Crunch account just edges this for me, too many people i would class as a great attackers in K. Crunsh edges it as he is an amazing attacker

03). Best defender: 100% Jacob, i lost count of the amount of sits he would take (including mine) when under heavy fire and pulling off miracles
Honourary mention goes to Monkey as without him i dont know how i would of survived this world

04). Best all-round: Crunch/Space force

04). Best strategic player: K Council

05). Best player that got rimmed: I will go with Cbirds(Keith), is a good player in my opinion and has my respect for the way he plays and acts inside and outside the game

06). Biggest Barb taker: Stew

07). Best tribe: K

08). Runner-up Tribe: Pooga (Pooga never wins anything)

09). The most enjoyable player to piss off: Matthew, watching him get angry at other people was genuinely one of the funniest experiences all world

10). The player you never want to piss off: Matthew i dont want him angry with me or i will be internalled in a day

11). Best team (group of players): Pooga, hate them or hate them they protected the summerhouse all world

12). Funniest player: Several players compete with this. Many of the Pooga players despite declaring war on Heidy were down right funny

13). Best war: Stoner Problems VS The Internals

14). Who would you most like to meet?:

15). Who's computer would you most like to break?: Muckes so he can stop saying he is my co

16). Most overrated player: George Washington

17). Most improved player: Skrutta. Compared to how he was when i was fighting him to where he is now i am impressed with what he does.

18). Most annoying player(s): Mucke for constantly screeching whaaaaaat about me

19). Luckiest player: HelloHeidy

20). Best alliance: Pooga and Heidy vs the Koreans

21). Best farmer: Martyy for constantly stealing my plunderer and gatherer achievements

22). Best mail: Stoner Problems telling me i would get what i deserved

23). Most dramatic: Stoner Problems when you ask him to share the internals.

24). Most paranoid: Mesut

25). Most underhanded: All the multi accounts who kept restarting so they could be nobled

27). Greatest spy: Glojko

28). Biggest Stat padder: Pain for overtaking me on ODD right at the end of the world

29). Best leader: Stoner Problems - Made sure there was no arguing over internals as he took them all himself

30). Worst leader: Jacob - He keeps making me do things

31). Best team player: The multiple people who were always happy to send stacks half a world to help save my/other frontlines Silent nuke and Silver are the two that spring to mind but there were many many more

32). Worst team player: Lahuil for basically playing 1 day a month

33). Laziest player: Lahuil as if i dont mention him more he will cry


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01). Best all-round: Making it a tie between Jacob and Jon. Jacob's skills got us trough the most difficult time of the world (august till october/november) then Jon got the ball rolling again when the whole tribe was slacking and Jacob was playing RS.

02).Best attacker: either Jacob or Griff. Both have no mercy and will cat you to the ground. Utilizing pallies perfectly every time.

03). Best defender: Going to sound boring but probably Jacob overal. The account sit juggling was really impressive. Would love to give a shout out to Tony for holding the south for us. This man had so many OP's against him but he never stopped putting in the work. Also a shout out to Heidy for taking most of the heat in the north. I've seen the account catted down.. it was rough.

04). Best strategic player: Would agree on K council as a whole. Everyone has his strenghts and weaknesses. We've put together fine OP's altho setting up the internalling of drama while fighting a seemingly unwinnable war was by far the biggest accomplishment.

05). Best player that got rimmed: Diopter. Only north player that really stood out to me even if he was a turtle.

06). Biggest Barb taker: Stew.

07). Best tribe: K!

08). Runner-up Tribe: Maffia. Better OP's then UOR. Massive noble nuke spam was annoying even if it wasnt timed too well.

09). The most enjoyable player to piss off: Trent (noobs on ice). I started this world to get my revenge on him regarding W102. So getting to him was great.

10). The player you never want to piss off: SFC - he will get u banned, holds grudges and likes to throw salt in wounds.

11). Best team (group of players): Tojek, Tarnished and Erich #failed backstab.

12). Funniest player: Karl without even trying.

13). Best war: Zambo vs ED!

14). Who would you most like to meet?:
i would like to meet my co player for sure. Would like to meet Allan for acadamic conversations, Jon and Jacob for the more serious topics and Zelli and Karl to just chill.

15). Who's computer would you most like to break?: Karl for out farming me early game without knowing the proper way to do so.

16). Most overrated player: Tojek. Talked a big game but couldn't make anything happen even with a huge advantage when backstabbing. A player who has the bar really low on values and morals. Will be checking every world i play for his name and make his gaming experience worse but actually playing the game properly.

I must say you must be rated highly to be overrated and that probably isn't the case but i just wanna state my discontent for this player.

17). Most improved player: Skruk and Marty. Skruk has come a long way from being a rando we stacked for messing with UOR to a player dominating the area, making life hell for the players that where once picking on him when he was small.

Marty for being one of the biggest accounts while playing his first world. Very dedicated, try hard and most of all nice guy. Really good at farming and utilizing accounts to their fullest potential.

18). Most annoying player(s): James/Evan with their Pooga vs Heidy war. I'm just too old for that kind of stuff.

19). Luckiest player: Lahuil for never being internalled (yet).

20). Best alliance: Thai players. They did play unfair (Royal Guard scripts) but their resolve is something i rarely see and i respect it.

21). Best farmer: Myself and my co Marty will take this one. Rank 1 on daily achievements, and rank 1 on both farming in 1 day and gathering in 1 day. Do i need to say more? *Peepoking*

22). Best mail: the countless mini games we got so inno could make more money. At one point that stuff came every two weeks or so.

23). Most dramatic: Lucie, but Salty Jon can still win.

24). Most paranoid: /

25). Most underhanded:

27). Greatest spy: i know this was a thing, but i have no idea on the specifics.

28). Biggest Stat padder: Tony Stark with Heidy on second place and pain on 3rd place for me. Since Heidy had less tribe def to work with. Pain could have more to work with but didn't always ask for it XD

29). Best leader: Jacob. Cooler heads always prevail. IMO his biggest strenght. Addiction to RS his biggest weakness.

30). Worst leader: Stonerproblems. King of internals. Greedy and no team player what so ever. Bad attributes for a leader.

31). Best team player: I think we have a lot of players that can win this category which is the reason why we won with all the odds stacked against us.

32). Worst team player: Stonerproblems.

33). Laziest player: Banned1203 *just sit accounts so you don't have to fake*

34). Best late to the party players: Shout out to both Matt and CG. Both very good players willing to put in the work and just overal nice guys. Also a shout out to the camel for kick starting pain acc again.


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This is Zelli

01). Best all-round:
Jacob (Sergeant Crunch) and Jon (Space Force Cadet)

02).Best attacker: Me in bed & Jacob on TW :cool:

03). Best defender: I guess Tony had to do the most defending apart from council help

04). Best strategic player: K Council in general but Jacob and SFC probs for their experiance

05). Best player that got rimmed: Zambo the greatest

06). Biggest Barb taker: Stewinthepot

07). Best tribe: K!

08). Runner-up Tribe: NIR

09). The most enjoyable player to piss off: Pissing Marty in OD altho he won:oops:

10). The player you never want to piss off:
Probably Jon (SFC)

11). Best team (group of players): Obviously south guys!

12). Funniest player: Karly

13). Best war: Pooga VS Heidy

14). Who would you most like to meet?: Firstly my Cos Xyrius and Ash , and with anyone else who would pay me a drink :p

15). Who's computer would you most like to break?:
Marty for picking on me

16). Most overrated player: Whole UOR

17). Most improved player: Hmm , the ones i can think of which i know closely is 100% Marty which was his first world and did one hell of a job. Then not to show off but myself this was also one of my first serious worlds and did good and also my CO's Xyr and Ash which once we were noobos.

18). Most annoying player(s): Those waiting for us to finish the world for them

19). Luckiest player: That's obv my co's since they have me :cool:

20). Best alliance:
K! + ED + NIR

21). Best farmer:
Probs marty's account

22). Best mail: Probs the heat ones from Jacobo

23). Most dramatic: Probs Lucie

24). Most paranoid: Marty for sure haha

25). Most underhanded: /

27). Greatest spy: /

28). Biggest Stat padder:
Tony & Heidy

29). Best leader: Jacob

30). Worst leader: Elliotgaming

31). Best team player: There's a good list of them but the ones i worked closely is marty for never failing to launch and never failed activity

32). Worst team player: Again those people who are waiting to be carried doin nottin

33). Laziest player: /

34). Best late to the party players
: I guess CG, Matt and ACE


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01). Best all-round: Jacob/Crunsh, has been putting in work ever since he got a front with magic and always helping out with sits even going as far as having multiple sits at the same time

02).Best attacker: Leading the ODA ranking with a 100m lead, have to give it to SergeantCrunsh

03). Best defender: Tony Stark, being the main target of the UOR family for a very long time he did great

04). Best strategic player: I'll give this one to Jon (SFC) he did a lot earlier on holding out and stalling the koreans and then making sure the Drama tribes were somewhat organized in defending against the koreans

05). Best player that got rimmed: Don't think anyone in particular stands out from the rest

06). Biggest Barb taker: Davedunks

07). Best tribe: K!

08). Runner-up Tribe: NIR

09). The most enjoyable player to piss off: MRG or Trent maybe, altough I don't think either got too upset about the memes we posted

10). The player you never want to piss off:
Jon or Jacob fershure

11). Best team (group of players): Pooga + Camel gang

12). Funniest player: Karli minaj aka .UK best player

13). Best war: K! vs Magic

14). Who would you most like to meet?: Karlmydia so I can 1v1 him irl

15). Who's computer would you most like to break?:
I'd never want to break anyones computer :)

16). Most overrated player: The drama backstabbers; Tojek, Erich, Tarnished

17). Most improved player: Martyyboy, first world and will finish top 5. Shoutout to Rick for co-playing and teaching marty

18). Most annoying player(s): noobest0 for fighting back in my backline when I tried to rim him

19). Luckiest player: Heidy members for not being force internalled (yet)

20). Best alliance:
KuWTK + ED! or K! + NIR

21). Best farmer:

22). Best mail: That greek guy asking if my moms name was Clarence

23). Most dramatic: Faking your own death has to be the most dramatic thing you can do so this one goes to Zambo aka Mr Smith.

24). Most paranoid: Zambo, was impossible to deal with.

25). Most underhanded: Once again this one goes to Zambo, was spying for the koreans aswell as feeding drama fake info saying we were planning on backstabbing them.

27). Greatest spy:
Whoever was feeding Jacob info from inside Magic. Was probably more than one though

28). Biggest Stat padder:
I Ching probably

29). Best leader: Jacob, almost on the same level as Ronnie... almost

30). Worst leader: Elliotgaming97 the epic gamer

31). Best team player: A lot of people could qualify for this one. Davedunks and HSND being 2 of many

32). Worst team player: Probably SAS

33). Laziest player: Me for going afk for a few months letting slim matt carry my account

34). Best late to the party players
: Matt, CG, Ace, Evan and James. Some of the best players we have had


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While I haven't been following the world enough to answer all of these, I'm glad to see the world is ending the way it is and maybe answer some of these to the extend while I was still playing.

01). Best all-round: K, can't even think of anyone else.

04). Best strategic player: Whoever was leading K, losing almost nothing and gaining everything from the South East crumbling down was pretty impressive to watch.

24). Most paranoid:
Drama council at the end of their days, we knew we had a bunch of spies and even knew who most of them were but we just didn't have the resources to deal with them so late. Even thinking that there are spies among the council so everyone was chasing their own leads and not talking with eachother.

25). Most underhanded:
All the backstabbers frankly. So many of them. Then there were supposedly multi-accounters on the western side too.

30). Worst "leader": elliot "its ok to say get cancer because everyone has cancer" gaming97, the amount of damage one man can cause by only opening his mouth is amazing. I wish I had saved all the discord conversations people had with him because thinking back most of it was comedy gold.

33). Laziest player:
While I didn't pay attention to lazy people, I'd personally like to nominate Cuut (who was he, I dont remember besides the defection). While I understood the motivation *cough* elliotgaming97 *cough*, getting caught defecting by not checking that a 1-minute old account called “Judas Priest (Angers)”, who somehow found your discord account and added you, is who he says he is, was pretty funny. Discord chat

Congratulations to K! though, you guys deserve it.