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Who do you consider to be the best overall player on w73?

Explain your reasons why looking at all their strengths and weaknesses. Actually take some time and think it through using your own experiences with the player if you can. This topic is meant to generate some good conversation.


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I firmly believe that Nwaro or C0V3RT are great players and certainly demand mention here. However, I am choosing to pick an enemy player for best overall player simply because he is someone that I have battled against for a while on this world and has earned my respect.

Renote is, by far, the best player in Hyenas. He has been opped many times and rarely loses villages. He is excellent at moving troops around and dodging on all villages so that he does not lose many troops. He is able to get his front stacked high enough to make it difficult to clear even with a high number of nukes being sent. He is also one of the only Hyenas players that has demonstrated the ability to actually snipe noble trains. On the offensive side he attacks in force and isn't always predictable. He sends plenty of fakes and mixes up the villages that he sends from. On one op in k74, I was dodging many of the nukes sent at me. Renote timed all his nukes to land within a couple hours of each other on the one small cluster that he went after. All his nukes targeted rally points and were landing every minute for a while so I had to cancel dodge and constantly rebuild my rally points. Meanwhile he sent nobles from next door and would cancel after a few minutes and resend at another village so I had to continually try to cancel my snipes and shift troops to try to snipe on a different village. By doing this he was able to take a few villages off of me even after I killed a decent number of his nobles. I have also been told that Renote sits some of the Hyenas accounts when they are opped as well as helping lead the tribe. Therefore I feel that Renote is the best overall player in Hyenas and in contention for best overall player in w73.


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That sounds fun defending :icon_biggrin:

Its tough to judge as for players like renote and yourself for that as location decides a lot. Renote might have been top ranks if he had a better farming area or if he was in ND. Your growth has been halted a lot since youve been on that front with hyenas for a long time, tougher caps and clustered caps which don't help farming either. Reckon if you had the same area as top 3 then you would have been up their aswell.

From my experiences i dont think theres much between Nwaro and us on C0v3rt.

Nwaro was amazing in early game, he was farming soo much more then anyone else, loads of people say they want to shape and farm loads but Nwaro acc, actually did it. We would op alongside them and they would just have soo many more nobles, they would be holding back to make sure were not landlocked after the op. In defence aswell, they never got hit much on own acc but anytime we would ask for a snipe or D they would be their to send. Really do think they carried ND for a while, was a dominate rank 1 aswell just inactivity got to them later and we were just more consistent and caught up to them. Prob give the edge to Nwaro, as that start up dominance helped ND be aggressive later.


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When it was Drew and Thom together, Nwaro account was definitely the best account on w73 in my opinion. Both are great players and working together they were more or less unbeatable. However, Thom is still doing a fantastic job on Nwaro and will be competing with C0V3RT for that top spot right up until the end of this world.

As to my account, I had a little rough start at the beginning of the world as I restarted twice due to positioning and trying to get closer to the other players in ND. I also took 3 months off last fall to focus on finishing out w66 during a pivotal point in the world and the player who played my account did almost nothing while I was gone. This had a significant long term impact I feel and certainly affected my growth. Also, positioning is certainly a factor. I believe I have had one of the largest fronts with the enemy out of any player in ND. My front is also next to several of Hyenas best players who coordinate well together to move defenses around. Any villages I attack become stacked quite quickly. Farming is another factor for sure. I farm a lot but never seem to be able to loot as much as Nwaro and C0V3RT. I will most likely not catch them in terms of rank, but I certainly have proven my worth fighting down in the South.


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I have very limited interaction with ND, but from my experience Amigos earned my respect. Defensively he's a monster but the player on the account is down-to-earth humble and is very respectful. I am also inclined to vote for Renote as the best player in 73 but that is only because I never encountered NWARO or COVERT.


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I would have to say its a close one between Amigos, c0v3rt and nwaro (before i got on the acc cause i do barely anything lol), Renote deserves credit though as previously mentioned.

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Having the position I had through this world and tribe hopping through a bunch of tribes, I think I have had some of the widest exposure against all of the top tribes through most of the world, although I was missing for a fair few months at the start of this year. Obviously we had some pretty awesome players in Random/Hustle whilst we lasted, foremost among them being Ryan, Zeah and Uldza. Ryan, if he can be bothered is an amazing player and is an all-rounder, don't know anything he lacks skills in and can always feel confidant with him on your team. I am sure some people would argue, but Zeah in my opinion was the best defender this world has seen. I am not saying she didnt have a lot of help when playing SlipperyTipple as her coplayers and sitters were also very good, but it was always Zeah who came back day after day and week after week to put the account back together and get it back on track, so in my opinion could be one of the best players of this world. I also dont think a player being "good" comes 100% down to attacking and defending skills. That is why Uldza gets a mention. He is amazing in game, can time 100 attacks into 200ms (I have seen him do it) and can defend pretty much anything but was the most reliable person I had with my in my time leading and stuck through with the calamity that was TMeat, even though nearly all of the Random/Hustle council had quit and then most of the TMeat council went inactive.

Now, in my time in ND I have come across a pretty amazing team. Apologies for the lack of originality, but I would have to agree that the top 3 in ND are Jorge, Thom and Mike. I would throw Drew in contention for this, but again, a "good" player doesnt come down to just in game skills and to be a "good" player, I think its vital that you make an effort to get along with all members of your tribe, even if you dont like them. For the sake of moving on and working with those people who you dont like, I think its important to at least make amends and be civil towards them. This I know from speaking to people in ND that Drew did not do. He was always an arrogant and condescending moron who let his personal feelings impact the way he interacted with people. Anyway, Mike, Thom and Jorge are all top quality players for all the reasons other people have listed above. All of them are good all-rounders and confidant with all aspects of the game and to top it off, they still manage to lead ND and plan ops and all that jazz. Not wanting to inflate their egos beyond that, I will end it there.

As the people above have already explained, Renote has hung around for a long time and has held a significant part of the HYENAS frontline for a long time without really allowing it to fall. Yes, players around him have given up, like Rage, massively changing the frontline around Renote and almost surrounding him, but he still carries on holding the frontline, even through our ops. We have catted the account and then nukes the frontline and still not really gotten anywhere. In that light, the ops against Renote have been the only ones that I have been involved in since I joined ND more than 7 months ago that I would say have failed. So massive kudos to that.

I dont think I could actually decide one of those to be the number 1 player but those 7 are definitely up there for the best in the world.


Ya'll certainly aren't chatty anymore :/

<3 thanks Sam. I feel its undeserved but the sitters and Rip were amazing. All I did was cheerleader them back to keep playing lol

For my mid world vote I would give best all around to Covert (even tho from my personal opinion Mike is a douchefairy :p Still deserves the credit). Doesn't slack up, flawless timing, did what was necessary to get to the frontlines. I know even with him no where near me I got hit with a ton of nukes to clear the way for others. That's really a great and uncommon quality in team mates.

The best player I came up against over and over was Jorge. His account went to garbage with the new owners. He, however, was a nightmare defending against, but always fun and challenging. It never felt shitty losing villages to you. It felt like a battle which you deserved to win (sometimes I won too :p)

Cookiez for our side and in their position was imo the most sound account. Always helped out. Ran ops solo. If they had moved to a non turtle front they would have been dominate. I did enjoy the snipe competitions we had, I'm sure it was a nightmare to noble off of any of us with Ryan, Jason, and I all throwing it down for giggles

Next vote goes to Ryan on whatever account he decided to play lol. Hes a spoiled ego-manic but its not undeserved and being my go to sitter he deserves credit for holding up the entire frontlines during the Aus timezone lol. The entertainment factor can't be discredited either. Ryry does make it interesting to play this life ruining game.

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