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when you gotta stoop that low they have to Hararras me and post pics of my face on other of pornhraphic pictures :eek: haha so childish, I think everymonrin I have woken up to a message saying

“Die of cancer”
“Your family dies of cancer”

I mean not great English from them, but it works lol


Ali Shah

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Good evening
When one does not keep up with the rules of tribe obviously and will be nobled by our members.
Now for the propaganda you say that we are raising our accounts at the expense of others, our losses and farming can deny your words.

The level in Greece was very low for us and we came in net and we find little competition but here things are worse, there are more noobs.

Make an appointment at rim noobs.
If you were the actual duke of Nibiru then you are probably the worst duke ive seen who pretends to be experienced. Get yourself educated noob.


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not being bae to me :( expects that we spolit the world into Ks while he recruits nib players while we sit here.... its like he wants a free win lol

he has a pre made tribe. making it fair would show people that it was a fair win, giving you guys 7 mill worth of villages and us like 3mill is not fair, espciallty when we nuke everything in your front because we had such a small front, we helpoed when we saw losses, i agve intel where i new intel

i desever respect for what i did for magic, not to be treated like a dirty nibru


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The person who Magic recruited doesn't sit in your K, like the person does for Magic that you tried to recruit, right?


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Ks DONT matter... its a HP world, we put in the same amount of effort but why do we deserved only a quarter? youd have more food if you didnt recruit lol

dont say your not gonna recruit monster either, im not stupid lol


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the fact that i gave respect to tell you we would, and the fact that i got your recruit aggressive warrior by me setting it up lol ? we should of just let nib pound you while we ssorted else where then should of we :)

shame im actually nice. not any more, yall who agree with thom and know the FULL STORY not just his side. you can suck on my left big toe which has gonorrhoea


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cant wait to buy you a pizza and be like, yo bro what you doing? ' nothing mate? just eating some pizza' but wait mate... thats my area ' hang on ginger, you have your slices over there' yea well mate and? i care about eating 70% of this pizza mate. ' well why? we both spent 10$ each ? hows that fair' well mate tbh most of its on my side of the table so your fault really... ' hang on lets switch seats then' * switches seats * ' now the 70% of the pizza mine ' ahh... fair point there mate fair point, you win

if you dont understand this analogy ill happily make a video to make the people who are brainless understand what i mean