Best/Worst Of 2010

Discussion in 'World 30' started by Pajuno, May 17, 2010.

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  1. MR.MR

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    Feb 19, 2009
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    That is really a fairly accuate overview Paj. Well done.
  2. britseattle

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    I have only thing to say to Paj's comments. He's an imposter.

    Have RAM tied up the real Paj and used a doppleganger.
  3. Mick876

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    Feb 21, 2008
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    Best Duke Overall: Pajuno - People might think this is biased, but until you have seen his leadership style and his amazing ability to look at any situation and know the right actions to take to come out on top is amazing. While we are thinking what to noble tomorrow, he is thinking who to noble in 3 months time. Best Duke i have ever seen, and the day he decides to make a new pre-made in a new world my name will be down on the members list.

    Worst Duke Right Now: ~B~ Leadership - Nothing to say here really, you and your tribe suck.

    Worst Duke Overall: THE Leadership - Your arrogance and your lack of control of your PnPers have lead to THE been the most hated tribe in W30.

    Best Tribe Right Now: RAM - They don't have skill, they will even admit to that. But the shear size of them and there teaching methods put them just infront in my eyes.

    Best Tribe Overall: Phoenix - Every single war we have been out numbered, and conquered. People try to put down out accomplishments but everyone knows what they are.

    Worst Tribe Right Now: ~B~ and Legion - Do not let your rank fool you into thinking your any good.

    Worst Tribe Overall: Same as Above

    Best Ally Right Now: Don't have any.

    Best Ally Overall:

    Worst Ally Right Now:

    Worst Ally Overall:

    Best Pnp'Er Right Now: Pajuno, r2d2, theshearjoy, reaper - There posts are always interesting to read.

    Worst Pnp'Er Right Now: Gicusan, Spleen Mage, Tpp, Jubal, Hybookie. - You guys are all pathetic when it comes to PnP, theres always a excuse and there is always pointless arguments or comments. Just for once admit if a tribe gets the better of you and stop been hypocrites.

    Favorite Tribe: BH - Loving them knocking THE around.

    Most hated Tribe: THE - When i think of THE this is what comes to mind:

    1. Arrogant
    2. Never Fought a 1V1 war
    3. Mass-Recruits there enemy or atleast trys to
    4. Terrible PnP

    Best War: Die. V Phoenix. - I think this is the shocker, i enjoyed fighting Die. the most. Maybe it was because everyone was smaller, and you needed to work with your tribemates more to get things done, but i enjoyed that war so much. I had to time nukes/nobles more in the die war than i have had to in the BD war. The expansion from K64 to K74 was the best part of the war.

    Worst War: BD V DN - Yes alot of skill, but it ended way to early. To fold after 2 waves is pretty bad.
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    Feb 1, 2009
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    heh, at last someone talks some sense.

    There is no feasible way in which you can label Pure as the worst duke ever. Quite simply, you show your stupidity if you think someone trying to revive his dying tribe and keep hitting the most skilled tribe I've ever seen constitutes being the worst leader ever on w30.

    Look back to the SU! war. For a while, Pure's band of merry men managed to hold of TARDIS - a skilled tribe very close to it's prime. Whilst TARDIS eventually defeated them, it took me many a hour of coaxing to get Pure to join us.

    When there are people like Bigbadsanta etc. to have duked on w30, I honestly have no idea how on earth Pure is the worst o_O But whatever Pure. Haterz gonna hate
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  5. mberns

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    Thanks for the compliment! This may be the best break down I've seen here yet...

    But I have a question, everyone keeps talking about skill... Could someone please define skill for me please?

    Is skill-the best browser for the game, the fanciest scripts, the most active, the best leadership, the best tribal systems, the best tactics? Someone please define this for me.

    The reality is that there is pretty much no skill required to play this game. What is required imo is leaders. Very few tribes have leadership capable of having the long term vision you described in Paj. Very few leaders have the ability to inspire their tribe mates, or take the time to implement systems politely without making demands. True leaders are few and far in between.. The quality of the leadership is directly tied to the skill of a tribe.

    Skill? What is it?

    I think everyone is confusing skill with tactics....sorry for the rant I look forward to your responses...
  6. theshearjoy

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    i think intelligence is more important than skill (or whats defined as skill ) this leads to correct decisions (good leaders) but every player needs a level of intelligence to think outside the box (tactics) and be able to understand tribe direction and their own direction.

    this game takes a level of skill but i think other factors are more important, traits are more important would a passionate/wise/loyal/stubborn player with the same tools beat a skill full (based on most opinions of sending fast trains sniping trains etc etc) player? i suspect an upset in that match.

    the only thing that seconds intelligence is time management, 2 key ingredients to success, sometimes the brawler will deliver the knock out blow but sometimes the fox will dodge and deliver the counter punch.
  7. r2d3

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    Sep 12, 2009
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    I 'd say that is the basic ingredient of TW especially in this phase of the game (this world is getting ... old I suppose) - most probably always has been number 1 priority.

    I think you are dead wrong there, unless you mean this for the days of someone's first 2-3 villages... After the account gets bigger, you either improve your ... skill, or you are off the game one way or another.

    Of course. But what it is also required (and some times more than leaders), is active dedicated players. Skilled or non skilled, someone who has knowledge and experience will get them to higher standards, ONLY if they demonstrate interest in the game itself and the will to learn. If the leaders also will not provide an aim + fun aspect of the game (bad leaders), these players will eventually quit. So we are also talking about a definition of leader(s), not just "leaders" as you put it.

    These are my 2 cents as someone might say. Pleasure to be if of any assistance to your ... quest for knowledge :)

    robot out
  8. spleen mage

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    Feb 10, 2007
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    And they would be right :)
  9. Mick876

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    Feb 21, 2008
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    Until you have been a member under paj's leadership you can't understand just how good he is. But like i said, a biased opinion :)
  10. ravenj

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    I've never been under Paj's leadership. However, I've seen his forums, I've been in his tribe's Skype chat, and I've talked to a lot of the people who play under him. He is arrogant, he's loudmouthed, and he is a couple words I'm not allowed to say on the forums. But I will concede that he is a good Duke. And if you want to ascribe any bias to my comments, keep in mind that is coming from his enemy ; )
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  11. spleen mage

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    Feb 10, 2007
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    Best Duke Right Now: Karmax, perhaps

    Best Duke Overall: Perhaps Bad, when he was still around.

    Worst Duke Right Now: The duke of some tribe no-ones heard of.

    Worst Duke Overall: R.Inc's leadership. Just awful.

    Best Tribe Right Now: BH, doing well. In second, I'd probably put RAM.

    Best Tribe Overall: BD. Even if they've had the day, for most of the world they've been ambitious and outstanding.

    Worst Tribe Right Now: LOEN. Been around alot, but not achieved much.

    Worst Tribe Overall: T*F, lulz.

    Best Ally Right Now: THE + BD have always been good allies

    Best Ally Overall: ^ Same

    Worst Ally Right Now: None, that I know of.

    Worst Ally Overall: RAM + DN (if they were allies), though I don't think that it's the fault of either of them, just that they both seemed to want to do their own thing. Could be wrong, but the only other "alliance" I know about.

    Best Pnp'Er Right Now: Couldn't really choose a singe player. Here's a list of players that, while I may not neccesarily agree with the subject matter of their posts (yay for bias), I like reading their posts. Karmax, Crispy Cargo, Bullmastiff, Pure Loonamus, Wild Cats, Parm. Sorry for any likely spelling mistakes!

    Worst Pnp'Er Right Now: Peoples whose posts aren't good, and probably never will be....Pajuno (arrogant), Mick (even more arrogant + Pajunos Lapdog), Fraser (Troll), Mberns (annoying)

    Favorite Tribe: THE, obviously :icon_razz:

    Most hated Tribe: For me, Phoenx. With a few exceptions, have horrible forum representation.

    Best War: For me, I liked THE vs. INSO. However, for wars I wasn't involved in, the most interesting was BD vs. DN. Probably the most evenly matched war of this world, skill wise.

    Worst War: THE vs The-random-tribe-in-the-west-that-I-cant-remember-the-name-of
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  12. Pajuno

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    Jul 21, 2007
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    an awful lot of hate for the tribe that brought your allies down. Too bad what you construe as arrogance is instead CONFIDENCE>

    This can be proven by the fact, that once again, the tribe that should have beat me, DIDNT beat me. But i love your hate, cause it makes me feel real good that a Forum Troll with no stakes in any of w30's ingame actions doesnt approve of me.

    As for bad pnp, at least my overview was honest and fairly unbiased. Your Pnp is still deserving of the Block i had on you... but since there isnt much to read, i suppose i can read even your garbage. :p
  13. spleen mage

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    Feb 10, 2007
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    Write what you like - your arrogance is proving that I'm right :) I don't have any hate for Phoenx as a tribe; I would probably like you if you didn't have such awful PnP attitudes. Note, I didn't put anything bad that I hate about Phoenx tribe apart from "sucky pnp", which is true (though I like Bulls posts, as he's less arrogant and more objective!). Oh, and I have as much stake in W30 as any other W30 player with an ingame account.

    Mine wasn't biased at all. I only nominated THE for a few things; favourite tribe (which is a no-brainer, everyone is in their favourite tribe), Best Allies (THE + BD were really the only allies) and WORST war, which is a negative!

    I gave the best awards to BH (who we're warring...) + RAM. Thats hardly biased, and much less biased then then some other peoples who have written on here; I guess I could have taken a leaf out of Micks book and been completley biased. Then again, I gather you only call out "bias" if it doesn't agree with your opinion. :) Basically, you only called out my *opinion* because it doesn't fit with your "I love Phoenx" Agenda, so it's a tad hypocritical for you to give me a lecture on being biased anyway!!

    Edit: Oh, also, looking back, I also noticed you seem to put me under the "chased of Atraeus" group (though I thought he left voluntarily? So this is news to me). As I keep having to say recently, me and Atraeus got on well, and as one of the only posters capable of holding a decent debate, I'd rather he stayed. I'm one of the people that supported his right to post, so I wish people would stop trying to use that argument against me. It's a lie, and anyone that says otherwise, I have PM's as proof.
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  14. parmenion

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    Shouldn't this thread be revived? :icon_twisted:
  15. bnkrmike24

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    Nov 27, 2009
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    Yeah, maybe the best of 2011? Even though not many tribes left...
  16. I imagine it would still be the best of 2010, but now it will be much more retrospective and hopefully more indicative of the true "best of 2010".

    You could always start it off Parm.
  17. parmenion

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    Aye, I'll give it some thought over the weekend :)
  18. SOLDIER 1st Class

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    May 21, 2009
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    What's there to think about?

    When I was clearly the best of 2010. :icon_razz:
  19. tangotemptress

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    Mar 7, 2009
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    I don't think I ever saw this before :icon_redface:

    Well my dear Pajuno, should I ever decide to return to w30, I promise I will come straight to you :icon_wink::icon_cool:
  20. skelmersdale

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    Jul 29, 2009
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    Best Duke Overall: Would have to be the dukes of Tardis for me, although i've spent many good memories with the BD leadership during my time in BD and RAM ... Pajuno is also a great leader and will always receive respect from me. He's a great person although i've never been under his leadership we have talked via Skype and he is very understanding.

    Worst Duke Right Now: Haven't played W30 for nearly 6 months now, so i can't comment

    Worst Duke Overall: There are too many to count. No duke is perfect they all have their faults.

    Best Tribe Right Now: BH ?

    Best Tribe Overall: A mix between BD, Tardis and Pheonx. Some brilliant players in each of these tribes such as RavenJ

    Worst Tribe Right Now: ~B~ .

    Worst Tribe Overall:

    Best Ally Right Now: Don't play

    Best Ally Overall: Sounds terrible but RAM (mainly Cshipley and Crasula)

    Worst Ally Right Now: " "

    Worst Ally Overall: Didn't ever get to close to allies to give a clear judgment

    Best Pnp'Er Right Now: Haven't been on the forums for a while although i will always love Pinkytoe for her dedication to the Tardis vs BD war

    Worst Pnp'Er Right Now: Electricool (you drive me mental with your one - ten word posts.

    Favorite Tribe: Tardis/BD

    Most hated Tribe: -0- Adellion and his crew of midgets tormented me for months early game after finding myself surrounded by their whole tribe in k57 :) Twas fun tho .... ♥ u adellion

    Best War: I know it was short lived however i had some of my best times of TW during the Tardis vs BD war... shame inactivity had to play its part.. would have been a brilliant battle.

    Worst War: Memories not that good :)

    To answer this post :-
    Worst War: BD V DN - Yes alot of skill, but it ended way to early. To fold after 2 waves is pretty bad.

    We had no other option other than to fold, the first op that landed against us from BD we held our own however in the days leading up to their 2nd op we lost around 60% of our active players leaving us with a lot of account sitting between a few players, meaning we were tagging incomings virtually 24/7 on multiple accounts. RavenJ was sniping till all hours of the night, We only had around 7 - 10 active players in the final days whilst we had around 30 accounts.

    Long live Tardis

    Uzumaki n4ruto/ Dabeve out !