BEST / WORST of 2012

Discussion in 'World 30' started by ravenj, Dec 29, 2012.

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  1. bronse

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    Apr 22, 2009
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    BAAAAAA BAAAAAAA we all did ??? come on :)
  2. it was an over exaggeration to prove a point. when he said "everyone" he meant that many of you(almost all but not limited to) posted the same redundancy after your leader (Pajuno). better explained with same effect.
  3. Tommy Gummy

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    We all got the point. We ain't six like those inflrc talked to :lol:
  4. Pajuno

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    Jul 21, 2007
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    What do you find so amusing??

    The fact that two of the tribes you have been in have had their poop pushed in by Phoenx??

    Followed by the exact methods and actions that were used to kill your first tribe??

    What i find amusing is how accurate cy was, and yet there is nothing you nor rethae, nor brt, nor wild can ever do to stop that which is already occurring.

    *sigh* i hope you continue to focus on the forums, as your tribe and friends continue to fall and die around you.

    I just enjoy pointing out how frequently and consistent things are happening in tune with cy's post. You continue to laugh and deny any of its happening... but the stats, the signs, and the proof are all there, pal. Your departure, while fixed for now, is very indicative of the problems, cracks, and issues flowing right out the chinks in BH armor.

    Anyways, i will go back ingame and laugh at this thing they call a BH operation. I took 200+ dota villages, and only slasher could take any from me while i was in that weakened state. :D

    Ps. RR was on here, flapping his gums about how fast and far Luis and cham had fallen. Funny thing, there was an overwhelming amount of force used vs Cham and luis.. while a few pretty enthusiastic, yet greatly underwhelming phoenx players cut through him and his account/sitter like Phoenx through Die............

    pps. SFC. your return means jack shit. Your posting means exactly the same. Your opinion, hmmm... ditto.

    The very fact you are present in bh, despite all the shit talking and badmouthing that rethae did about you.. tells Phoenx and the world some very interesting things. I dont really need to address you anymore, you keep using my name in your posts as if that will add validity to them. You remind me of someone else, from a long time ago.. someone that tried to steal some of my fame, just by putting my name to things he said. Someone that wanted to be me so much, that he literally hated on everything and anything i said. You now get the title of Mini Me, sfc. You wish you had my rep, my infamy, and my loyal followers. I get it now.. it all makes sense. :D
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  5. SOLDIER 1st Class

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    May 21, 2009
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    gets my vote for best player of the year.
    Love him or hate him, he's done a fantastic job of keeping his villages.
    Ally or foe, you have to admit he's a great player we should all aspire to be, at least. I aspire to be as good as him.

    WORST PLAYER OF 2012 - SOLDIER 1st CLASS AKA COOGAR gets my vot for bailing out on -HG- too early.
    Even though the world had those guys doomed before they even started, they still had some fight in them.
    I hate to sound pig-headed (like Pajuno) but if I did not quit, that tribe would have lasted weeks longer.

    But their spirit has carried on into BH.

    Very much like Phoenx was 'Powered by the spirit of DECIDE'
    BH is 'Powered by the spirit of RAM/-HG'- (at least the true players of RAM)

    Any player of Ex-RAM that now plays for Phoenx can now officially call themselves a sell-out.
    .BONHEUR. I'm talking directly to you. AND you Tommy. What happened to killing Phoenx?
    I still see a lot of big talk, yet you fear to reveal to me your account?

    What made you turn against everything you stand for?
    Kissing Paj's ************** that much?

    You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.
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  6. Tommy Gummy

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    Dude, I told you my account like 2 days ago. Read my posts! I said I am on t33chr. I don't play for paj, I play for myself. I am getting an easy ride picking off villages from BH atm and it's fun. I don't have time so this is relatively easy to keep up. I didn't kiss paj ass. I had quit echao then i was on here. Then pajina came and asked me to play on t33chr and I was like k I might as well go and see what his shit tribe is about and then 1 day later rr got bombed and I was taking villages so easily I thought I'd hang around.

    I tried to kill phoenx for two years dude. Most of these guys play like 5-6 hours, nothing like in BH but still do somewhat of a progress...
  7. t33chr

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    BH had exactly the same diplomacy to RAM as did Phoenx... One enemy was of no priority to the other... So I fail to understand your logic that there is a difference between ex-RAM in either new tribe... But then again I fail to see logic in just about any post you make...

    Afterall, how many different tribes have you played in on w30? Does that make you a sell-out also?
  8. lol bull. Phoenx and Bh were talking about a joined win for the world.
  9. t33chr

    t33chr Guest

    Can you please explain why you quote me and then make a comment that has no relevance to what you quoted???
  10. gn0me

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    Mar 11, 2009
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    thanks Raven :)

  11. you said BH and RAM had the same diplomacy as BH and Phoenx.
  12. SOLDIER 1st Class

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    May 21, 2009
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    What I'm going to find amusing is when we prove you wrong. Heh, now that will be funny.

    Dude, you may have more skill in game than me, you may be better at brainwashing people than me, but there is no way you can claim you have more infamy on this world than me.

    If I was to play fair, then I could have been in your tribe.
    Had I not have disbanded TARDIS, I may have got into BD, since I was one of the more active of TARDIS in the very end. (you did not see the skype room Paj so you can't deny it) At times Raven, Faceminewrath and myself were the only ones online.

    So who's to say I wouldn't have made the cut into BD. And from there, I could have used all the TARDIS barbs to get nearer the CORE, the places you own now. And who knows, maybe even into Phoenx.

    So if I truly did want to be you, bet your life I could have.

    (THAT should make him address me again :icon_razz:)

    Ya ya ya it's all phoenx trash talk to me now :/
    Lame excuse... Sell out. The fact that you're in Phoenx speaks 1000 words.
    Attacking Keith, real nice man, real nice.

    :lol: Sorry man this was funny as hell. And I agree with you 100%.

    Any ex-RAM player with any stones would consider a move to Phoenx as a cop-out.
    Then again, this only proves my point that i said 2 years ago -- 90% of ex-RAM players don't have any stones.

    I've played in 3 tribes.

    The key here is I've never joined an ENEMY tribe.
    Hmm, can YOU claim that t33chr.?
  13. Tommy Gummy

    Tommy Gummy Guest

    Um, you clearly don't have any clue. We are/were friends, and I always thought you were intelligent just pretending to be an idiot like I do at times. But then again I may have been the idiot thinking you were intelligent.

    I have not attacked Keith. Where did that come from? Do you just get ideas and thoughts out of your ass and think it'll be worth reading? Well its a piece of shit.
    I am not a sell out because RAM is long gone. I don't like playing with paj but he is the closest person to karma atm so I feel more at home in phoenx... BH has more things alike with RAM than ou think it does. Oh right, of course you don't know that because when RAM was at the state that BH is now you were getting catted by us. RR leaving and avang leaving says it all. Noobshit pulled the same move and now he might even come play for phoenx? Like I dunno, he may come up with some theory that rethae didn't listen to him etc... And also, avangelista resembles a lot of many players in RAM such as coogar and brindamour which is an account you sat. At that time I was in charge of RAM with karmax and you were playing under me. But wait, didn't you get nobled by RAM? Weren't you our enemy? Does that make you a sell out? :lol:
    Name it ~HG~ or whatever, it was RAM and you were in RAM long before it got disbanded. SO you practically left and all your friends from your crappy tribe in K69 or something whatever they were all came and played with us. SO are they sell outs too?
    You cannot call t33chr and I sell outs or anything of the like as many in RAM whom I was close with have quit w30. The only person close to me there is Keith and no one else. No offense. EDS is still teh same, still having fits like a little 4 year old. If I had stayed in BH I probably would have left anyways as I am done with the bs that crappy players pull...

    Also, whether phoenx had recruited or not the RAM players that they took in. What difference would it have made? A month maybe less? The only players worth recruiting were nbd, t33chr and darkhelmet . The others wouldn't have stood a change against phoenx as they were all noobs eating barbs and internals I gave them with no experience... So there you go my 2 cents. Enjoy the read!
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  14. SOLDIER 1st Class

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    May 21, 2009
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    I just love that you took the time to make a post that big just for me <3

    I get a sick kick out of it.
  15. ChamichA

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    May 3, 2009
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    BH was the enemy for RAM. And you Joined them. admit it.
  16. t33chr

    t33chr Guest


    No I didn't...

    That is what I was saying...

    RAM-Phoenx = Enemy
    RAM-BH = Enemy

    No difference with players ending up in either tribe. Yet your mate seems to think there is...

    @SFC... Dude, really? Do you ever try to be logical when you post at all?

    Anybody else see the inconsistency there???

    Tommy has never attacked Keith... In fact, he has told me he doesn't want to attack him...

    2 years ago RAM was alive and well with no post from you about stones :icon_rolleyes:

    Really??? HG / BH were enemies up until BH backflipped on their diplomacy
    ~B~ and RAM were enemies were they not???

    I haven't even mentioned the other thread where you ignore what everyone around you is posting and blurt out irrelevant nothings...

    I had planned on actually responding to some of your previous comments but after reading your last few posts it is very clear to me that it would be a significant waste of my time...

    tsk tsk...
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  17. SOLDIER 1st Class

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    May 21, 2009
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    We are still friends, unless you don't want to be my friend anymore because you take this forum trash talk personally? There has to be trash talk, it's the only way I know how to communicate.

    I sure as hell don't take everything people say about me personally. If I did, I'd have a sad life.

    And yes, you are an idiot thinking that I am intelligent :icon_razz:

    Yep, it makes me a sellout.
    Least i'm not going to deny it :icon_wink:

    The only reason I left -HG- was because everyone else said they were quitting.
    T'was not until a later date that I sadly, found this to be false.

    But did you see how fast the south east fell as soon as I did quit? :icon_wink:

    So the only good players in RAM were t33chr. NBD and Richy?
    You srs?

    Vult, norin, bon - there's 3 just off the top of my head that were better than average players.
    Nice to know you think so highly of your "friends" :icon_rolleyes:

    I think Tommy answered this question for me -
    ^ More or less this. :lol:

    Oh I'm sure if you look around the old forums, you'd see me slating RAM somewhere :icon_wink:

    Must admit, I do, myself even, get confused with which ramblings are relevant to which thread at times.
    Plus, I'm actualy doing things IN GAME these days. Which is a nice change, making my forum ramblings go to dust I'm afraid.

    Please, continue quoting my posts and trying to argue the toss with the ramblings of a complete lunatic.
    It shows a lot of character on your behalf :)
  18. Tommy Gummy

    Tommy Gummy Guest

    @ sfc

    Why are you admitting to be a sell-out when you have been denying it for so long?

    Vult, norin and bon were good. I think bon quit then took an account in phoenx. Vult quit long time before any RAM was recruited by phoenx or BH. So it is irrelevant for me to say that he was worth recruiting, just like me saying arasd and lapatuska were worth recruiting as they were probably the best players in RAM but they quit... And norin was not good, he just fed on what I gave him and I had to sit his account and send D or nukes out. You are clueless lol..
  19. killer diller

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    Apr 3, 2012
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    lol tommy...I would think more in terms like Chris Shipley...He was a f$$$$ tyrant and mind manipulator lol (which technically is not a bad thing as long as objective is fulfilled)..As far as EX-RAM going to phoenix, i would not call them sell outs...Remember it was the BH hamming the crap out of us in the north that took a toll on RAM members. Buts that's old news, Paj is doing a great job with his 25 members while BH is conquering barbs. I mean look at avengelista, all she did was noble barbs and internals and now she has come across to live players and she cant pack the heat, same goes for BRT, Noobaxes, Shietstool and many others...There going through the same thing RAM went through and players get overwhelmed and leave. That why i believe phoenix model is the best in TW, (Keep it small, but packs a punch when messed with) also easy to manage. I like BH and some of there members such as Laura & cincy...but i dont see any other player there doing much of anything but internals and nobling barbs. thats my 2 cents
  20. War Hamster

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    May 28, 2011
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    Avan yes I'll agree 110%. Noobaxes not really although my time was short in RAM I do remember him as better than a avg. player for the most part. Whether or not he is still the same person or not is hard to tell. There has been a lot of new hands on accounts so its hard to keep track of them all. I will agree partially that Ram had some problems when was there but what tribe doesn't?