Yeah, Ogame is a little "too" big hence it doesn't listen to its players...I also quit it multiple times even though I was doing good....

Also with your conversations with me I think you guys have made the number of posts triple at least lol...


Aeuta17 said:
I also said that becasue you seem to know what you are talking I better watch out for a good player like you.
I hope that I have a little bit experience with this game, cause in the german board I'm responsible for the question board :icon_wink:

In game u will not notice me, besides u attakt me. I'am only here to find a few bugs and give inofficial support. U guys should make your own experience with strategis, tactics and the whole gameplay, so I am going to play very defensive and without attracting attention so that I have no influence on the development here. The same with the few other german guys.

hoodoo said:
You should probably not always take that too seriously. *g*
****** <- badword :icon_sad:
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in responce to the recent mail about the end of beta,
do you have a time frame set?
will bets run another day or two? a week? two weeks?

i don't think i will get a noble but i would like to plana strategy to be able to try somethings myself, but aim to do them before reset.


Ex Community Manager
I've just talked to the designers again. We have a lot of things to do over the weekend and hopefully get everything done.
We will decide on the exact start on sunday!

(It will probably be sometime in the end of next week)


Sunday is almost over, how about that decision on new game start?