BH Gets drunk.. again

Discussion in 'World 30' started by masterquinn, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. There is no need for proof anymore. THE doesnt seem to like BH, BH doesnt seem to like THE, so now its war.
  2. 50 Calibre

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    From the day you joined you were no longer any ex...only a Berserk Hound. Now go eat:icon_twisted:
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    Ahhhh... there it is. ^_^ My TW philosophy. Applicable to all worlds and all tribes.

  4. rodbest

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    Ok, first you will soon learn who he is. And youll get surprise.

    Second, Decide started launching on Kriva after the declaration letter was sent (which i believe was sent on Thursday if i am right, so basically made up during the days before)

    Third, Ram Vs THE. I don't see any real frontline, maybe launching some nukes here and there but I believe RAM is launching on BD and your only being launched on for distraction.

    Lastly, Decide not being attacked B, and B not attacking Decide. I thought you were thinking B is only full of noobs so them attacking Decide or not attacking them isnt supposed to be a huge factor.
  5. Praxguy2

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    Nov 19, 2009
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    So far this has to be the most serious of all questions and statements.

    Easy to pick up a keg at any local beer store, with a slight deposit for the keg.
    But that's a lot of beer for a cheap price. :icon_razz:
  6. Jubal

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    ill just respond to the first where you show you know nothing. Kriv joined us months ago. Is DECIDE just realizing he left them now?

    Thanks for proving you are full of it.
  7. Jubal

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    shaunc, you know this answer. We declared on DECIDE and Hammer. Who else in the top 5 is BH fighting?
  8. Mick876

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    Feb 21, 2008
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    Side 1:
    Tribes: THE

    Side 2:
    Tribes: BH

    Timeframe: Last 24 hours

    Total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 0
    Side 2: 12
    Difference: 12


    Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 0
    Side 2: 115,423
    Difference: 115,423


    First caps go to BH it seems. Lets see what the week a head brings.
  9. cshipley

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    If any player thinks RAM will let them relocate into our desired territories they are sadly mistaken. THE had a member do this and now he faces the consequences as would he if he was in any tribe. RAM are not at war with THE, just any idiot who strays into our part of the world without my permision.
  10. shaunc

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    two tribes that were already weakened by fighting wars with Green and BH. Don't care what you say, you jumping on DECIDE and Hammer was not even, but hey not going to complain anymore about whats fair and unfair in a war game, BH destroyed hammer and you tagged along kudos.
  11. I hope the reason you are saying I cannot understand the "complexities" involved, is simply due to my lack of knowledge of what went on, and nothing else being implied on your part.

    In no way was I looking to jump on the bandwagon, I have held the same stance on this particular issue since the recruiting first happened, which was well before any support was sent BDs way.

    There are reasons of course why it was made difficult for THE to go after BH, which is why I chose BD as the worst ally right now in the best/worst thread. Not only did THE have to back you up with their "minimal" support (both in the way of O and D), but they also were told publicly (probably as well as privately) of the close relationship between yourself and BH, and what attacking them would mean.

    No matter what the situation was however, it means little in the long run. Yes there were relationships between their enemy and ally, yes they had other things to worry about, however they still got bent over in front of the whole of W30 with no retaliation. They had plenty of time between the end of hammer war, and helping BD to go after BH. They just didn't have it in them.


    Despite the witty retort, I'm sure you know what was meant, and this does not change it.
  12. WildCats

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    I feel like I should be posting something here... but this was written in the sky for months. Very often would a tribe try to undermine us and we just kept quiet, we knew we were right but we are (well were) the sleeping giant of the North and we didn't want to make a little splash. When we throw a rock in the water you better brace for a Tidal Wave. I respect JP, his leadership style has kept THE in the top for much longer than they should have been. At a certain point you can't push around everyone if you can't impose yourself anymore. I could flame but it's not my style, I'll let the other BH members flame away, since I know they can back it up.
  13. BelValcor

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    Either my lack of wording that correctly or your lack of reading it right may have caused some confusion here.

    Let me try this again...

    THE launched on Decide and Decide launched on Kriv, a member of THE.

    BH did not tell THE to launch.
    BH did not tell Decide to fight back.

    So how exactly did BH get Decide on board as you stated earlier?
  14. Mick876

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    Feb 21, 2008
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    Decide fought back because they are at war with THE, or do THE want all there enemys to lie over for them? A few of them even came to me for a very good Nuking script i have, Which i gladly gave them when i found out it was going towards a good cause :)
  15. Hybookie

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    Apr 20, 2009
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    [17:14:28] masterquinn®: we are allied with DECIDE in this attack
    [17:14:36] masterquinn®: they werent supposed to attack yet, but they got trigger happy
    [17:14:55] masterquinn®: i thought that was obvious

    With B members :-D
    [17:17:16] masterquinn®: we were in discussions with your leaders too... its too bad you jumped ship

    [17:18:12] masterquinn®: and now look at what situation your in now....
    [17:18:31] masterquinn®: decide and b will be friendly after this, under our guidance

    GL to both sides.
  16. BelValcor

    BelValcor Guest

    I knew the timing of things would just happen to work out this is true.

    But we took advantage of a situation which we did not influence.

    Back to my original question now?

    And yes Bookie, GL to both sides.
  17. 50 Calibre

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    To the leaders of THE....When you wish to stand above those around you, make sure the platform you form is a stable one...:icon_neutral:

    [SPOIL]Ones created with arrogance and lies usually FAIL
  18. JPohlman

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    May 24, 2006
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    We've seen the logs where BH and DECIDE leadership admit to having worked on this for over a month. We've seen the reports of RAM nukes hitting THE players, and wouldn't-cha-know-it, BH launches its OP right then and there. THE and BD are at war with at least five of the top-ten tribes in the world, perhaps more on each end. Are the odds fair? They never are. We're not going to "cry" about that. Hitting someone when their back is turned is tactically sound.

    But if it takes that much firepower to defeat THE and BD, isn't that also a sign of how strong we are?

    And if you lose...

    ...Isn't it even more-so?

    Stop talking trash. The game is in a different window - either you beat us and you're the strongest, or you don't and you're not. We welcome the challenge.
  19. BOOOHH

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    I hope the women around enjoyed our sexaaaayyy BH players... !

    ROOAAR !
  20. BelValcor

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    I will not deny that a few top members in each tribe have been talking for awhile now.

    My point is simply this: BH did not put this in place.

    Is THE a strong tribe? Sure they are. Players can say what they want about THE but it is undeniable.

    We saw an opportunity evolving and decided that now was as good a time as any.

    I agree with you here JP.
    It's a war game. Let's war and have some fun.