BH Gets drunk.. again


It's a war game. Let's war and have some fun.

This is a war game? :icon_confused:
I guess i better cancel my tour through my villages for rallying up troops moral. :icon_wink:


[17:14:28] masterquinn®: we are allied with DECIDE in this attack
[17:14:36] masterquinn®: they werent supposed to attack yet, but they got trigger happy
[17:14:55] masterquinn®: i thought that was obvious
My enemies enemy is my friend.

THE started a war with DECIDE, and then peed off there neighbours before finishing that front. If DECIDE have decided :)icon_wink:) to take advantage to them, then good for them.


I agree. I didn't like having to make the decisions I made, and I considered that this could happen. I trusted BH more than I should have, but that's the nature of the game. I'd been burned once like that, but BH should be up about 100 caps by now with the position they caught us in.

I don't think that they are.

And that leads me to believe that, tadaaa, we didn't leave ourselves quite as vulnerable as people thought.


JP you are the most delusional person I think I have ever encountered. You're like an abusive spouse who is shocked when someone finally hits back. Should I post reports to show how open you left yourselves? Why don't you get back to the game like you said earlier and quit trying to insult us? You are only making yourself look worse.


And if losing 1.25 villages per hour to BH since we declared isn't embarrassing enough for you I don't know what is.

Side 1:
Tribes: BH

Side 2:
Tribes: THE

Timeframe: Last 24 hours

Total conquers:

Side 1: 64
Side 2: 39
Difference: 25

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 30
Side 2: 1
Difference: 29

Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 591,020
Side 2: 358,179
Difference: 232,841

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 288,079
Side 2: 9,464
Difference: 278,615



Every noble has hit within the last 15 hours JP, its not like you two have been warring for ages, and at last check, BH is up 30-1 on you guys, so 29 villages in the first 15 hours is not all that poor...

EDIT: that makes ure ratio about 2 vil/hr.


This should be a very exciting war. I really don't understand how THE didn't see it coming but ah well...

I go for BH and I think they are going to be winning this.

Lord Brutii

I remember back in an older thread where I criticized BH for not siding with Hammer or Decide in the war against THE. I apologize and retract that criticism it seems that they have done very well recently and are more powerful than I anticipated they would be at this stage in the game. Congratulations BH on the wonderful leadership abilities you have. Awesome war declaration, this might be the time for the BD/THE rein of the world to end. (Well BD's is over anyway)


Ah, can't say i didn't see this coming. Either way, nice tactical move on Bh's part by drawing our support out east; i commend you guys for that - well done.

But just because these first week or two stats will be in your favor, don't get too cocky and think we're out of this. Anyway, good luck to both sides and thank you for the excuse for me to get active again! (not to mention it's summer now and i can no life all day long hehe). :icon_wink:


So apparently saying "nice shot, but we're not -that- bad off" is an insult? But you can analogize me to a wife-beater and that's just dandy?

Wow. Grow up.




So apparently saying "nice shot, but we're not -that- bad off" is an insult? But you can analogize me to a wife-beater and that's just dandy?

Wow. Grow up.
I am grown up.

I have never seen you speak to anyone with anything other than a condescending and haughty tone. You have spent the better part of a year speaking to others this way.

I'm in complete shock that you did not see this war coming and that speaks volumes. You really believe it is okay to talk to people the way that you do. And that actually makes me quite sad for you. So yes it is an analogy I will stick to. You use words to belittle others. And you seem quite shocked that people are no longer putting up with it.

It seems to me that you are the one who needs to grow up and take accountability for your actions and words.

I would also think that a writer would understand that an analogy is nothing more than that. I was in no way calling you a wife beater. I didn't even use those words.
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Feel THE pain

shaunc, you know this answer. We declared on DECIDE and Hammer. Who else in the top 5 is BH fighting?

Who else in the top 5 is BH fighting
well right back at you ha!!!!

now you know how it feels :axemen::axemen::axemen::axemen:

unfortunately you will all fall so you may as well delete now :)